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September Featured Warden: Sulenia

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[box][align=center][size=225][font=Georgia]News from TGW:[/size][/font][/align]
[list][*]The Wardens engaged in a [url=]fierce wargames battle[/url] between the Radioactive Geese Goosies and Fire-Breathing Duckies alongside the ERN in some community-building joint operations between Europeia and TGW
[*]Warden-Chamberlain Luca released an updated version of [url=]Eyebeast[/url] this month, an archival tool used to preserve regional flags, WGEs, banners, and more for detagging purposes
[*]We hosted [url=]Percy Jackson & The Carnival of Celebrations[/url] alongside our friends from 10000 Islands, Balder, The East Pacific, and The South Pacific in a first-ever Percy Jackson-themed festival that drew over 100 attendees with arts competitions, camp games, a stellar roleplay, and more that is likely to return next year
[*]We reached an all-time endorsements record at 106 endorsements on our Delegate [nation]Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands[/nation] thanks to endorsement cultivation efforts and diligent maintenance![/list]

[box][centre][size=225][font=GEORGIA]Featured Warden: Sulenia[/font][/size]

[centre]Known for their persistent chasing despite being mobile-early for most of their career, Sulenia has developed a reputation as an industrious and dedicated member of the faction. They initially served in TITO for months, being one of the leading Tactical Officers in that organization before joining the Order. Promoted to Lieutenant in a relatively short time, Sulenia is a quick and reliable presence at update and has put impressively high numbers into recruiting for the region since joining.[/centre]

[sidebar][center][b][colour=#1e426c][size=85]September's Featured Warden[/size]
[hr][background-block=#c5d0ff][colour=#222222][b]General Information[/b][/colour][/background-block][/centre][table=plain]
[tr][td][b]Joined NS[/b][/td][td]2020[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Joined TGW[/b][/td][td]March 20, 2022[/td][/tr][/table]

May 21, 2022 - Present[/centre][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Promoted[/b][/td][td]May 21, 2022[/td][/tr][/table]
[hr][centre][background-block=#c5d0ff][colour=#222222][b]Senior Warden[/b][/colour][/background-block][/centre][table=plain][tr][td=2][centre][b]Service[/b]
April 19, 2022 - Present[/centre][/td][/tr]

[tr][td][b]Rank Attained[/b][/td][td]April 19, 2022[/td][/tr][/table][/sidebar]

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Hello! I'm Sulenia, currently a Warden-Lieutenant.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Thanks for agreeing to this interview Sulen! When and how'd you find out about NS?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Way back in 2020, 15 year old me used to like watching videos of Drew Durnil from time to time, when he uploaded the second video about NS I decided to check out this game, and haven't regretted that decision.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Your first region was [region]10000 Islands[/region], right? How'd you end up there? How was it, all things considered?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Yup! I got a TG from [nation]Lenlyvit[/nation]. What caught my attention the most was the mention of R/D as well as that I saw XKI being the best option to go to at that time as they offered lots of things I could do. I think my time there was mostly a positive one, what I can say with certainty is that it shaped my past 2 years.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Was there anything specific about TGW that brought you here instead of say, [region]the South Pacific[/region] or [region]The League[/region], or was that a spur-of-the-moment choice by you?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] I've always been interested in R/D, and since TGW is all about that it seemed as the best choice to me

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] How're you finding the community so far?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] The time I've been here has been quite enjoyable so far 😄 I like it.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Speaking of community, let's talk about your recruiting :P You've spent almost 110 hours last month recruiting for either TGW or one of its associate regions, which is absolutely insane. As someone who gets bored recruiting for 2-3 hours, how on earth did you manage that?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Heh, I always do something else while recruiting, like watching videos, reading, or playing games, while I keep my phone by my side so I don't alt-tab every couple of minutes

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Must be nice having a non-terrible attention span, I always get distracted by other things ;-; 

Is there anything that gives you that extra encouragement to sit through and recruit new people, or do you just chalk it up to the same reasons that motivates you to defend?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] I like to help, and I find that recruiting is a good way to do that.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] And what exactly motivates you to defend? Do you think you'd still be a defender if you started out in a non-defender region instead of XKI?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Having the knowledge that by doing what I do helps communities in getting to keep all the work that they have put into building their regions without having it burn is a good motivator for me. As for your second question, probably? It would have definitely taken longer for me to get involved in R/D. 

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] I see, I see.

Moving on, you're one of the best spotters - the thing which we defenders do to spot stealth raids and other suspicious movements from the activity feed - in the faction right now, even breaking [nation]Kanta Hame[/nation]'s longtime monopoly on the Ananke Award last year with your work. Considering how hard spotting can be, how'd you become interested in it? Is there anyone you consider to be your mentor in this regard?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] From what I remember, a friend of mine called [nation]Margaux[/nation], was teasing me about earning a Coast Watching Eagle (an award that TITO gives to its members who spot a raid), that, combined with me getting bored of RPing, gave me a bit of motivation to start spotting, then it all snowballed from there. 

I consider Hame my mentor when it comes to spotting, I use most things that he taught me. 

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Do you consider Hame your mentor in defending as well?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Not really, that honor would go to [nation]THX1138[/nation], they were a Tactical Officer when I got admitted into TITO, they taught me most of the things I know.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Best memory you can think of during your time on this site?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] There's MANY of those, but out of those I think that the part I played in the liberation of Trovons, as well as when I was awarded the Ananke Award last year, are probably my top favorite.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] The thing you're most proud of?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Getting the Ananke award, all while I did most things on mobile back then.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Inspiring, not gonna lie. Some of us can't even get that good with an actual computer.

Anything you'd like to do differently if you got the chance to do so?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Have myself to start spotting sooner, I absolutely should've started doing it way earlier.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] Any advice you'd like to give to new players who're just starting out?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Don't be afraid to try out new things! You'll eventually find something that you really like to do :D

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] We're running out of time here unfortunately, anything you'd like to say to bring this interview to a close?

[color=lightblue][b]Sulenia:[/b][/color] Ty for the interview, Moon.

[color=darkblue][b]Moon:[/b][/color] No, thank [i]you[/i] for giving me your time of the day!.

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