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The Western Commonwealth Operation Report and Feather

│ Recognition for Contributions in The Western Commonwealth |

Everyone loves a good barbeque. Well, maybe not everyone, but the Hawks definitely do!
After discovering that The Western Commonwealth was trying to out-villain the villains of NS with a bunch of horrible misdeeds too cursed to mention,
the Hawks decided to show them how a proper villain works. A proper villain has standards, fashion and very tasty food.

Rolling up in our Hawkvan, together with our frens from The Brotherhood of Malice, the PRAF, Lone Wolves United, Osiris, EoGB, Sparkalia, The Great North, Caer Sidi, Sky Haven, Lily, The AO, and The Shadows, we set the grounds for the magnificent Barbeque.

For a full week, the flames of the barbeque roared, providing food to everyone that was hungry.
Free soft drinks were also provided, and we hope everyone who attended had a blast!

A barbeque isnít all about the food. Itís also about the preparation behind the scenes, and a huge thank you to the the hosting team, as well as all our participants that responded to our invitation! We could not have done it without each and every one of you

Nations participating in the occupation of The Western Commonwealth

Initial jumpers deploying the Grills

General Ever-Wandering Souls
General Reventus Koth

Colonel Miravana (Trigger)

Major Drexlore
Major Bjourn

Lieutenant Aleena Connolly (Backup Trigger)
Lieutenant The Gilded Flame
Lieutenant Lucklife

Corporal Neopolitan
Corporal Big Birdz

Private First Class Get Real (Point)

Private Gutorng

Special Old Hamster Oblivious Ben

Pilers Helping

Active Duty

General Tramiar

Lieutenant Devi

Sergeant Holoratus
Sergeant Rushalor

Corporal Tyrannical Porcupines United
Corporal Felneggn Hocrepianiaion
Corporal Black Hawk Thorn
Corporal Technolopolis
Corporal Triseria

Private FreeFood
Private Patibandla



Socialist Land Of East

Utter Nonsense

Laurus Chaos
New Wolfozebek
Havia Sysis

Nexxus Republic

Hunoyonny Mice

Hawks helping out
(Please join the reserves, linked Here! (Click me))


As a token of our appreciation to all of you listed, we present you with this feather signifying your participation in the TWC Occupation.

Congratulations to Scaav for being promoted to Primary Reserves, as well as Socialist Land Of East for reaching Primary Reserves (4 Stars) for joining us for 15 occupations!

Keep on soaring fellow hawks!
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