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Alliance Against Anime Report and Feather

│ Recognition for Contributions in Alliance Against Anime |

Its not secret that many within the ranks of The Black Hawks love anime. Weebs, the lot of them smh. It all started with that field trip to Japan two months ago, and during that time, they took a whole lot of anime merch and funny ideas back home to the nest.

So when the founder of the Alliance Against Anime was deleted by the mods, the Hawks naturally seized on the opportunity to animefy the region! It was meant to be a small occupation, so a sitewide mobilisation was avoided, keeping it to a simple mobilisation on our discord.

Along with our friends, we occupied the region and made it much prettier, and of course, it now screams anime any way you look at it. A huge thank you to all the following nations that came along and made it possible!

Nations participating in the occupation of Alliance Against Anime

Initial jumpers storming the region

Major Bjourn (RO)

Lieutenant Lucklife (Delegate)

Sergeant Holoratus
Sergeant Oblivious Ben
Sergeant Emunickle Society

Corporal Rushalor
Corporal Black Hawk Thorn
Corporal Neopolitan (RO)

Pilers Helping

Active Duty

General Ever-Wandering Souls
General Reventus Koth

Colonel Miravana

Major Drexlore

Lieutenant Twobagger

Corporal Triseria
Corporal Technolopolis
Corporal Tyrannical Porcupines United
Corporal Big Birdz
Corporal Felneggn hocrepianiaion

Private First Class Get Real
Private First Class Ravall
Private First Class The lordanian nation

Private Dark heaven
Private Aheltania




Socialist Land Of East

Utter Nonsense
Independant cargonia

Havia Sysis


Hawks helping out
(Please join the reserves, linked Here! (Click me))

Raider no 1

As a token of our appreciation to all of you listed, we present you with this feather signifying your participation in the AAA Occupation.

Also a shoutout to Fapjackia and Ecartia for reaching Primary Reserves, as well as Independant cargonia for reaching PR (2 Stars) for piling for 5 occupations. Finally, Xarstaria has also reached PR (4 Stars) for being with us for 15 occupations!

Keep on soaring fellow hawks!
(Not seeing your name listed? Fill up Linkthis form to claim your points and well add you in!)