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TBH FA Report March-July Ver

│ FA Report Mar - July 2022 │ 5th Aug 2022 │

Council of Hawks

Commander-In-Chief Red Back
Colonel Miravana, Co-Overseer of Talon Corps
Major Steak, Co-Overseer of Talon Corps
Major Drexlore, Co-Overseer of Terra Corps
Lieutenant Lucklife, Co-Overseer of Terra Corps
Lieutenant Wascoitan, Overseer of Blade Corps

Council Advisors


Greetings NS and welcome back to a TBH FA Report! We are happy with our status over the past few months and have worked more closely with many of our allies via tag raids and the opening of embassies. We look forward to continuing working with our partners moving forward. While TBH has not been involved in a serious raider-only DND endeavor since Embassy Regionia, we are happy with the amount of work that we have put into keeping our game clean. Sometimes, when the dirty regions fall, it becomes the burden of those with the resources to do so to rid the site of their presence. It is an honor for TBH to contribute to these efforts, but look for us to get back to normal operations as soon as available! We look forward to assisting our allies on their efforts moving forward, as well as planning some fun events ourselves, so stay tuned! Now on to what we’ve been up to…



Your favourite Hawkies have been active over the last few months, and here’s a little about all that we’ve been up to this quarter, traveling to regions all around NS to spread love, chaos and ice cubes.

This quarter had been quite an eventful one, with the hawks traveling out in a total of 42 runs over the last 4 months to hit a total of 723 targets. Updating isn’t all about hits, but also about the friendships and experiences that we make along the way. We would also like to thank all our allies for participating along with us on tag raids, whether it be laughing and sharing our joy while bigbrainposting, or sharing our sadness over a miss.

Tagging isn’t the only thing that we have been up to, and TBH is glad to have participated with our allies on a large number of Operations over the quarter. The most noticeable of which would definitely be Japan (Report) and Embassyregionia, but we are also proud and honoured to lead and support Antifa Operations such as Sanctum, Layem (Report), PCM and PCMPCMPCMPCM. A number of other smaller operations on Disgusting and Disgraceful regions were also supported, such as the ones on Official Soviet Union, Aliados Brasileiros, The Grand Empire Of Tazann and Anti Communist Liberation Front


With so much activity on the field, it’s no surprise that we keep an eye out for talented individuals to assist in the running of the region.
On the 29th of March, TBH also assigned new Deputy Overseers to help manage in the running of the 3 main Corps that form up the running of the region. Sergeant Dawn took over as the new DO for Talon Corps, while Lieutenant Devi took over the position for Terra Corps, with Lieutenant Lucklife filling up the last DO spot in Blade Corps. It was a dark age without Deputy Overseers, but we hope that the filling up of these spots would help us clear more paperwork reach new evil depths. (Dispatch)

Here in TBH, we consider the rank of Sergeant the first leadership rank, when a Hawk has learnt the very essentials of raiding and have proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy. On the 20th of May, the Hawks officially promoted Bendicion to the rank of Sergeant. Sergeant Bendicion has been to a lot of places across raiderdom, including TBH 5 years ago and we’re definitely pleased to see him taking charge and contributing to the region today!
More recently, on the 8th of July, we also welcomed Sergeant Emu to the war room. Emu has been a chaotic animal, evolving from a hawk to the mythical creature known as an Emu. With their endless screeches striking fear on the battlefield, Emu has gained our respect as a reliable and consistent updater. We’re really eager to see the new heights that Emu will soar to!

Promotions aren’t the only way that we recognise dedication to the region. Along with SGT Ben’s promotion, Lieutenant Lucklife received their first medal on 20th May, The Sword of Leadership for taking charge in regular operations and raids.

Lastly, but not unimportant in the least, we’ve recently had a change in the councilors of TBH. It is always a momentous occasion whenever members of the previous generation of leadership step down to make way for fresh faces in the leading of the region.

On the 26th of June, as TBH slipped past its 17th anniversary, TBH bid farewell to Council Advisor, Major Pterodaxtyl, who retired fully from TBH. Along with the retirement of Major Dax, Colonel Rai also stepped down from active service as the Co-overseer of Talon Corps to the Council Advisory Board.

Along with the changes on that day, Council welcomed Lucklife (Anime Idol) into the council room to manage Terra Corps alongside Drexlore. With LL’s energy, we’re all really eager to see the new things that he’ll bring into the council room!

Group photo of Council | Council Advisory Board being busy

News from the Nest

This quarter, the Hawks were introduced to Hairless Cats. 75% of the Hawks surveyed agreed that Hairless cats were the worst things in existence, with Mira’s Dispatch on Hairless cats being downvoted to the underworld for being too ugly.

Although no cats were harmed in the making of the dispatch of hairless cats, Most of the hawks disagree and believe that hairless cats were made hairless against their will.

But with all bad things, good things follow in turn. This quarter, the secret public anime channel saw a sharing of over 500 pieces of art for appreciation. The evil hawks stole them from their artists on twitter and put up to display in the anime appreciation channel. The Anime Appreciation Association of Hawks have expressed an interest in pretty blue art, HI3, 2HU and pew pews. They were not disappointed.
The anime association is also pleased to announce that 2/3 hawks have declared their love for anime anime, and the remaining will be brainwashed, we mean converted, given a bit of time.

Lastly, with all the chaos happening in TBH, we also floated a curious question.
If TBH started a rock band, who do you think should be in it? The answers varied, and came close to inconclusiveness, but with much eyeballing and high level data analytical skills, we have reached the following conclusion.

Introducing The Black Hawks Band!
On vocals, with the voice of an angel, The Gilded Flame, also known as, Ray!
On guitar, shredding out evil tunes, Miravana!
On bass, growling out death, Ravall!
Lastly on drums with sick beats, we have Drexlore!

Oh wait, I think I left out an instrument. That’s right, the rubber chicken!
The chicken is clearly an instrument and the one who deserves it is our very own Bjourn, aka Steak!

As always, the considerate Hawks have created a very accurate TLDR for this report
Raid Boom, Things think, Council Changes, Hawks turn to anime and hate on hairless cats.

The Council of Hawks