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Supreme Court of Phaialee

Supreme Court of Phaialee

Established: May 16th, 1848

Located: Shinobu City

Compostition Methods: President nomination with Senate confirmation

Authorized by: Constitution of Phaialee

Judged term limit: Life tenure

Number of position: 7 (by statute)

Chief Justice: Nelson Harper

The Supreme Court of Phaialee is the highest court in the federal judiciary of the Republic of Phaialee. It has the power of appellate jurisdiction over all Phaialee federal court cases, as well as over state court cases that involve a point of federal law. The Supreme Court has the power to interpret cases to see if they are violating the constitution.

Each Supreme Judge is selected by the President then it must have consent by 3/4 vote approval by the Senate for the Supreme Judge to serve on the highest court of the nation where they serve for life.

There is no requirement to be a Supreme Judge with the expectation of being a naturalized citizen.

Nomination, Confirmation, and Appointment
The President has absolute authority to nominate anyone that is a naturalized citizen to serve in the Supreme Court, however, during the confirmation, the Senate will have a session and discuss to make sure the nominated supreme judge serves in the Supreme Court. If the nominated supreme judge received a 3/4 vote approval by the Senate then the nominated will become the Supreme Judge to serve on the highest court of Phaialee.

Recess Appointment
When the Senate is in recess, the President may make a temporary appointment to fill the vacancies. Temporary appointees hold office until the end of the next Senate session. The Senate can prevent this by using the pro-formal session.

Against the Supreme Court
The Republic of Phaialee has a system of checks and balances to make sure that one of the 3 branches of government wouldn't get too powerful. This is the case in the judiciary branch when the Supreme Judge gets caught doing high treason, misdemeanors, and bribery the House of Representatives will issue an impeachment process that will investigate the crimes and Congress must have a 2/3 majority in both houses and must be approved by the President or do it again for the 2nd time in case of Presidental veto. The Legislative branch can also codify bills back into laws in case the Supreme Court overturns that specific law.

Associate justices receive a yearly salary of $300,000 and the chief justice is paid $380,500 per year.

Current justices at the Supreme Court

- Nelson Harper (Chief)
Start date: October 07, 1991

- Bill Pak
Start date: August 11, 2006

- Tyler Dawn
Start date: January 28, 2008

- Andy Kamakitsu
Start date: September 29, 2021

- Ken Kin
Start date: June 1, 2016

- Dave Penny
Start date: August 7, 2000

- Fred Jones
Start date: May 22, 2004

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