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Legendary Dragons of Greater Namrielic Empire

20. Aarvunaak- Sneaking Dragon
19. Deelhem- Shadow Dragon
18. Vanuraak- Dragon of Intelligence
17. Havrunak- Dragon Alchemist
16. Heraldum Avioons- The Heraldry Dragon/ Dragon Protector
15. Danvruuk- Dragon of Sounds
14. Falsim- Forest Dragon
13. Aavkatra- Dragon of Changes
12. Fen- Dragon of Ancients
11. Evil- Dragon of Pranks
10. Munaak- Dragon of Night
9. Sethos- Dragon Brother(Part of Dragon brothers whoose powers is Ice, but they often fight togter)
8. Latos- Dragon Brother
7. Seveniirk- Dragon of Mystery
6. Musaak- Time Dragon
5. Celios- First King that became Emperor(he was king of Valchesum Province in 0E55
4. Vulaar- Nightmare Lord Dragon
3. Alviin- Death Dragon/ Life Dragon(his sister Galakaa is Life Dragon)
2.5 Darkuuth- Insanity Dragon(he is Neogorath's pet and friend)
2. Arovnuuk The Dead Lord- Dragon of Revenge and Evil Powers(biggest dragon enemy)
1. Great Dragon Avaatos- Dragon of Divines(legend says, he was most kind and powerful dragon that divines rewarded him with power of divines. When "chosen" emperors/empresses are called or hear voice of dragon language, it means Avaatos is calling them. He is the rarest and can only be seen by royals, or if he decides to show up.