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House of Commons Elections Act 1895

Current legislation governing elections for the House of Commons. Covers qualifications for voters and procedures for controverted (i.e., disputed) elections in general and provincial courts. But it also covers election security and protecting the voting rights of North Americans who were subject to discrimination by their race in the Southeastern Provinces.

This Act permits general courts of appeal for a group of provinces (upon a request by the Governor-in-Council of a province in that group) to appoint general supervisors for parliamentary elections (essentially for the duration of a general election). Supervisors would have the power to attend elections, inspect electoral rolls, verify doubtful voter information, administer oaths to challenged voters, stop illegal aliens from voting, and certify the vote count. Perhaps most controversially, the supervisor would have the power to request inter-provincial/general police authorities to secure elections by force if deemed necessary.

This security by force for parliamentary elections also included stopping Sons of Liberty copycat groups that roamed rural areas in SE provinces and intimated Black North Americans from voting.