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The Galactic Mafia || Positions



Doggo Woggo

Head of Propaganda
Rocket Alliance

Head of Appearance
New Plutoni

Founder & Co-Founder: have ultimate power over everyone else, can do whatever they want. They would not abuse their power, however, because they actually WANT people to stay in their region.

President: The highest power electable position, serve in a presidential role. Will speak for the residents of , be the peoples representative. Will also serve as delegate, assuming they are in the World Assembly.

Law-maker: Makes laws for TGM.

Prime Minister: A founder appointed deputy that will serve the region as a voice. They are in charge of representing TGM to embassy region.

Juror: Will hold and decide outcome of court cases. Doesn't hold bias, and the founders both have executive authority over their verdict.

Head of Appearance: Can edit our WFE and send out necessary region-wide telegrams.

Head of Defense: Watches carefully at embassy regions, and does background checks on joining nations to make sure they arent raiders.

Head of Propaganda: Their job is to spread TGM's culture around to other regions, and recruit. They also listen to TGM's own people, and listen to what they want to improve.

Watchdog: Watches over TGM to make sure no one is up to any shenanigans.

Recruiter: Can send out recruitment messages/telegrams to help gain our popularity.

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