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David Attenborough's Pacific planet©®™

Essentially, David Attenborough but for TSP made by me...

If you'd like to be featured please send a telegram with some info about yourself and if I'm impressed ill do a sketch on the RMB.

Episode I - The great predators 30/6/22

Drystar -

'and here, in his natural habitat, drystar, stalking his prey, prepares to strike. He, unlike most mammals, is an extremely efficient hunter and a killer...'


Vavlar is a chair shaped entity that is made out of normal modern day bricks, and can summon multiple tentacles, and seems sadistic in killing victims and prey, and then absorbing a blue object, that some say are a soul but that it claims is a soul, that gets absorbed and "digested" for more "power". It is extremely capable of creating clones from flesh, some of which have multiple different flesh, such as randomly placed rib bones, skin, lungs, eyes, blood vessels, nerve endings, and brain tissue. As for flesh, it can be digested and added to Vavlar, however it does not change the density, weight, or anything about it, and it even has the ability to fly, and has been proven NOT to even have telekinesis powers. Currently located at The Southern Pacific, it is imperative that no one come close. Vavlar does not seem to care for microbial life, but is fine with filter feeding them through flesh clones of itself, to create more clones, which are fully made of fat but are weak yet take huge amounts of damage. However, it is believed it's kin have spread throughout the universe, but is able to summon them on command to it's location, and Vavlar has been observed going at >500,000,000,000 MPH according to astronomers.

episode II - creatures of the blue 1/7/22

Canadian Dominion
'here is one of the south pacific's most majestic but deadly creatures. Branta canadensis, the canada goose. they have the ability to suppress anyone whom they so choose to... One wrong move and their victim will perish.'

Ardenswije -

'Glue sniffing, petrol whiffing, tesco destroying mammal of mystery... This is one of the more amusing creatures of this region, his only mission is destruction and not exceeding his budget. Furthermore, he will often be seen, as we can see now, with an armoured shopping trolly...'

Episode III -TescoPepsi special, 10/7/22

'here... In the coldest heart of Europe roams one of the kinder beings of this region... TescoPepsi. Incredibly kind, loyal and friendly, this nation is entirely populated by pigeons. How this came to be and why is a mystery yet to be solved. What we do know is that they are not afraid to peck your eyes out when necessary.'
Episode IV

And now on RBC… Pacific Planet Episode IV
Here we have, The free romanians, a young and inexperienced Local counsellor, emerging for the first time since their appointment. This is a dangerous world for him/her?. Around every corner, a troll waiting, lurking, preparing for the perfect chance to pounce, if he/she isn't careful it could be fatal.

Nonetheless, Tese is brave, taking on this new realm with vitality. How they will brave it, we will see…

Halfway round the world isNew Roakia... This nation is, well, strange and random. It will build a house, for no reason, it will eat your rocking chair… for no reason. In other words, he's the equivalent of the US war strategy.