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The Democratic Federation of Arstotzka

The Democratic Federation of Arstotzka
“ The State Shall Thrive, Forevermore! “
- President Tretellti Yvonski


General Info

Full Name: The Democratic Federation of Arstotzka
Short Name: Arstotzka
Denonym: Arstotzkan

Land Area

Land Area in km2: N/A
Land Area Available for Purchase: N/A
Land Area Owned by Government Departments: N/A
Land Area Owned By Private Individuals: N/A
Highest Point: N/A
Lowest Point: N/A

Population and Ethnicity

Total Population: 72.13m
Population per Square Kilometer: N/A
Population per Province: N/A
Official Language/s: Arstotzkan, Kolechian, Ukrainian, English
Official Government Language/s: Arstotzkan, English

Top Ethnic Groups:

1. Arstotzkan - 31%
2. Kolechian 29%
3. Antegrian - 14%
4. Ukrainian - 12%
5. Russian - 7%
6. English - 5%
7. Obristani - 1.75%
8. Republian - 0.20%

Government Positions and Diplomatic Relations

Executive Branch

President: Tretellti Yvonski U. Kemperbottstom
Vice President: Mikhailien Tübrecht Q. Excorma
Speaker of the House: Qwetntell Trefoli

Miltary Branch

First-In-Command: General Jeremy Telkomi
Second-In-Command: General Hedgjoni Wesschel
Senior Officer: Sir Misha Kensenting
Junior Officer: Miss Yelakencivin Penelope

Judicial Branch

Amount of Senators: 50
Amount of Representatives: 500
Amount of Supreme Judges: 25

Department Branch

Minister of Education: Kostol Heteri
Minister of Health: Ulysses Redford
Minister of Transportation: Antoregi Usenri
Minister of Civil Safety: Jamikenil Kaminsky
Minister of Business: Señor Peloton
Minister of Agriculture: Wesselyt Ujenitao
Minister of Civilian Infrastructure: Deminyol Iskenpel
Minister of Banking: Yushen Wuskelia
Minister of Welfare: Ujenkiji Lilionel
Minister of Defense: Denheldo Repusebia