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Union Pride 2022

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Union Pride 2022
The Ministry of Culture

The Union of Democratic States has a long history of support for the LGBT community. This support has been reflected in the content and behavior we allow, the embassies and alliances we form, and the festivals we choose to take on. For several years now, the Union has celebrated pride month by flying the rainbow Union flag and coloring our World Factbook Entry with the rainbow pride colors. This year, we wanted to go a step further and engage in a community dialogue on what this game has meant for members of the LGBT community.

To inspire conversation in our community about the LGBT experience, we invite all members of our community, LGBT and ally alike, to open a thread on the LinkUnion Pride 2022 subforum in answer to one of the following prompts:

  • What has been your experience of being LGBT online? How did you feel when you first encountered NationStates or the UDS? What does that first encounter mean to you today?

  • Tell us about a specific encounter that made you feel affirmed in your identity. What made this moment special? How can the UDS foster more of these moments?

  • Anything else on the subject of your experience that you might want to share!

You are welcome to post anything from a few sentences to several paragraphs!

After posting a thread of your own and responding to two others, you are welcome to take a Union Pride 2022 pin, made by our very own Night parrots:

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