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Song entry

This is a rock entry inspired by White Rabbit from Jefferson Airplane.

The name of the song is Go Ask Alice

Written, produced and performed by Curly Moe

One theft makes you larger,
but a slap from Moe makes you small,
and the misdemeanor heists
don't do anything at all,
go ask Alice
how to rob a Mall.

And if you miss the getaway flight,
because on your cooley you strongly fall!
Tell them it was due to Larry,
And grab your cellphone,
call Alice,
And she will fix it all!

When the cops on the scene
come to tell you where to go,
And Moe's slap
has your mind moving slow,
go ask Alice
I think she'll know!

When lawyers and big bribes,
have left Curly feeling dread,
and the judge is talking jail,
and the jury wants Curly's head,
remember what Alice always said,

Just wake up, it's all in your head!!!
In your head!!!!!!!!