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Home Office | May 2022 European Electoral Debate


European Electoral Debate
May 2022

The European Home Office brings you the full transcripts of the European Electoral Debate, held on May 23rd at 10pm GMT+1 on the #comm-debates channel on Eurocord between Berlin and Hanover, NorthPortugal, Qroma, and Why are we hear. The transcript was edited removing Discord's quotes and tags in order to facilitate the reading.

The moderator's name is highlighted in orange, while candidates' names are highlighted in blue and interventions from the public are highlighted in green. Questions are highlighted in italic. Editor's notes are enclosed between []. Naughty words are censored if present. The questions posed by the moderator in the first round were edited by the Home Office.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Good evening to everybody. Today is the Second Deputy Commissioner Debate. It's been almost a year since we've had one of these. The procedure is straightforward: the debate will begin with opening statements, then go on to questions from the moderator, then public questions, and finally, closing statements. Between each segment, there will be a short break to provide candidates and the public some breathing room. Mr. NorthPortugal, Mr. Berlin and Hanover, Ms. Qroma, and Mr. Why are we hear will be our candidates for today. The debate will start soon. Thanks for attending today.
Now that everything is in place, we can get started. Thank you for being here today, once again. Please take this time to welcome everyone on your behalf with a brief statement.
NorthPortugal, you may begin.

NorthPortugal: Good evening. The pleasure is mine for been here after I made the last debate for the position, which is quite ironic, since now I'm running for a reelection, and I want to wish everyone good luck.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you. Berlin and Hanover, you may begin.

Berlin and Hanover:It's a pleasure to see everyone today, and a special thanks to Eco' for hosting this debate! Best of luck to everyone before we start, and once again, thanks to everyone for being here.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you. Qroma, you may begin.

Qroma: It's a great afternoon to be here! I'm excited to hear from our host, the other candidates, and the public. Good luck to everyone!

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you. Last, but not least, Why are we hear, you may begin.

Why are we hear: Hello, uhhh I just wanted to say that its going to be fun doing my first election here. Thanks to Eco for holding this election. I wish good luck to everyone here and have fun.

Eco-Paris Reformation: I'd like to throw down some ground rules and remarks before we begin this debate. I want to be clear that I am looking for a fair debate with no interruptions. Is that clear?

All candicates: Yes

Eco-Paris Reformation: Good. Moving forward, the order in which you should send your answers will be determined by the order in which you individually declared your candidacy. This implies that as you move through the sequence, you will let that one person to speak first, and then you may answer, and so on. NorthPortugal will go first, followed by Berlin and Hanover, Qroma, and finally Why are we hear. Is that clear?

All candidates: Yes

Eco-Paris Reformation: Good. Now that you've all replied and confirmed that you've understood the guidelines, we can go on to the Moderator's questions (from me). Please take this short break to get ready.

Why are we hear: Good luck guys :thumbsup:

Eco-Paris Reformation: The Moderator Questions competent of this debate will now begin. Are you all ready?

All candidates: Yes

Eco-Paris Reformation: Good. Here's the first question: Despite the fact that the RMB has stayed relatively peaceful, newcomers are actively striving to adapt and comprehend our rules. Are you prepared to assist and guarantee that the RMB remains involved and aware of our rules as Commissioner?

NorthPortugal: Yes, I am ready to help the newcomers from difficulty that they might have when enter our region so that we do not face any dark times has we saw time from time in the RMB, and we must to, since when we take this post, we have that responsibility to help people

Berlin and Hanover: Yes, as 2nd Deputy Commissioner, I would help guide the rmb to being a more positive and welcoming place. I will make sure to assume a position that informs newcomers of the rules in a friendly manner and give them help when need be, which I do believe will allow newcomers to integrate quite nicely into our community here in Europe.

Qroma: Absolutely. I frequently check the RMB and usually read every message, so I feel confident in my abilities to adequately moderate the message board as well as help newcomers learn our rules and culture. I feel it is important to allow new Europeans easy access to our community and I am willing to put forth effort to make that happen.

Why are we hear: Yes. I am ready to help the people who join the RMB and make sure that no one has a hard time in our safe environment, while helping more than harming.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you all. Here is the next question for you all to respond to: What do you think is the most crucial element of your campaign? What is the most critical thing you want to do as Commissioner?

NorthPortugal: Well, the thing is: I do not have a campaign xD. But, the most important thing to do is to help the RMB and the people, so that we do not have law breakers and that we can keep the relative peace that we have for quite some time now, and of course, have more polls about a lot of topics so that we can interact with the people

Berlin and Hanover: The most crucial element of my campaign is to simply uphold the current order of things. In my eyes, there is no reason to drastically alter a system that works well enough as it is. Nothing is that critical for me, aside from entertaining polls and engaging with the community and such, which are of course important to me.

Qroma: I believe the most important part of my campaign to be that I am an active participant in regional discourse. I have recently gotten out of school for the summer and I'll have a lot of freetime on my hands, which I plan on spending on NS. This dedication is what I believe qualifies me well to become part of the Moderation Committee.

Why are we hear: I belive that my biggest element is just helping out, making sure that no person causes harm. I would like to help out and ask the people opinion with polls, while being the funny, humorous guy.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you all. This question is addressed to Berlin and Hanover and Why are we hear: you both have never been a Commissioner before. What qualifies you as a good candidate?
Please understand that the other candidates and the public can respond to the answers given by both, as you and they see fit.

Berlin and Hanover: Good question! Over the past year or so, I have cemented myself as an active regular. Out of my competitors here, I can safely say I am the most active overall. While my year in Europe is rather pitiful compared to some of the contestants here, I have learned a lot about this region and its fantastic community. Furthermore, I am currently ambassador to 10000 Islands and I am a member of the Home Office, which shows I am capable of being in government. I believe this qualifies me a good candidate in this race.

Why are we hear: I think I am a good candidate because I often check the RMB, I also am the person who hates the people who ruin fun for others, thats why I'm running as a candidate, to help others be a better person and keeping this safe environment. I also would like to in general, also people what they would like to see, or just ask normal questions in the poll itself. While it hasn't been a full year in this wonderful europe, I belive these things make me a good candidate.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you both. This is a question for NorthPortugal and Qroma: Do you think your previous experience as a Commissioner qualifies you for the position above your competitors?

NorthPortugal: I will let Qroma answer first

Eco-Paris Reformation: Please understand that the other candidates and the public can respond to the answers given by both, as you and they see fit.

Qroma: I do think previous involvement in government is a good qualifier, even if I was last commissioner almost 4 years ago. I have a pretty good understanding of the community of Europe and I feel that my involvement in the government has helped me with that.

NorthPortugal: Well, I do not think that despite me been a commissioner doesn't make me above my competitors, since everyone here is a good candidate, and I'm not above them. It is true that we have our flaws, but that does not make us above anyone. What makes me a good candidate is by the fact that I'm (almost) presence to welcome newcomers (when Eco can't xD) and to help them, plus, delivering some warnings to people when they make a mistake, but we all do that. And if I lose, that does not mean I was good or not, it was the will of the people.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you both. The election is approaching and will start on Thursday. Here's a question for everyone to answer: Do you intend to make any changes in the region? Is there anything about the region that bothers you and that you would want to see changed?

NorthPortugal: To be honest, no. The region has been working just fine since I enter it for the first time on December 2020, so I would not change a bit

Berlin and Hanover: As I have stated before, I do not intended to make many major changes to a system that works well enough as it is. You can't fix a non-broken system.

Qroma: I think Europe is a great region and has been for as long as I've been here. The system we have in place now is good and very competently executed, and I don't have any plans for drastic changes. However, I've noticed an uptick in trolls and rule-breaking (intentional or otherwise) on the RMB in the past few months, and I'm hoping to talk with the rest of the mod team about solutions to this if seen necessary. It's my opinion that we could make it easier for newcomers to learn our rules so we can have fun RMB discourse without the need for frequent warnings like there have been.

Why are we hear: Actually, no. I think this incredible government is well run by our host, Itaile and really all of our current government has this whole thing on lockdown and is why our Europe is the best places to be.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you all.
Without giving too much away, I'd like to ask the rest of you one more question: What are your poll plans? Do you have any intriguing, thrilling, or amusing ideas?

NorthPortugal: Well, not at the moment, but probably I would make about... and that will be come a secret, since, well, secret is a secret

Berlin and Hanover: I have several idea and plans for fun and engaging polls, but where's the fun in spoiling the surprise! :stuck_out_tongue:

Qroma: I'd like to have fairly frequent polls as I find them to be pretty fun and engaging for the community. I think it'd be a good idea to occasionally ask the public about what kind of topics they want to see and draw ideas from there.

Why are we hear: I do have plans for future polls, I won't give away hints to any, if I get elected over our amazing candidates.

Eco-Paris Reformation: I appreciate all of the responses. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions during this part of the debate. We'll take a quick break now. While we wait, members of the public can post their questions on public-enquiry or they can send their questions to me (please do so) so that I can decide whether or not they may be asked.

Why are we hear: No problem, Mr. Eco.

NorthPortugal: Okay boss!

Eco-Paris Reformation: The Public Questions portion of the debate will now begin. When I give the go-ahead, the public may ask questions. Do any of you have any questions for the other candidates while we wait?

Berlin and Hanover: None from me.

NorthPortugal: No, I do not have

Why are we hear: No. But hey, good luck to all the others, we will find out the result of this close and very fun battle on Thursday!

Qroma: I've got a question: How's everyone doing?

Why are we hear: Good, you?

NorthPortugal: Doing fine, thanks, and you?

Qroma: I'm doing great! Glad to hear the same. :)

Berlin and Hanover: I'm doing fine, how about you?
*when you ask "how about you" after they respond, smh*

NorthPortugal: xD

Qroma: lmao

Eco-Paris Reformation: Sorry for the wait.
I have approved questions from 3 members of the public.
Northen Czech, you may ask your questions.

Northen Czech: Okay
First question to all of the candidates, what you are willing to do to make the RMB and the european region in general a friendly and welcoming place?

Eco-Paris Reformation: (Please take as much time to answer these questions as you need.)

NorthPortugal: Well, like I said, is to make polls, and with the collaboration of the people of the region. Of course, not via telegram, that would take time, but via RMB so that someone wants to troll it does not have a change, plus, creating new debates about random stuff so that we can distract a bit from COVID, the war, and this news virus from the monkeys...

Berlin and Hanover: I'd like to continue what I currently do, that is welcome those who come to Europe, and direct them to resources they so ask for or may need. I am a fairly active regular on the RMB, so I have a better ability to direct it in a more positive direction then my opponents. I'd of course also like to create polls when Eco' on the off chance happens to not make one to help engage the community more.

Qroma: I think we could do better with making sure new arrivals are aware of our rules and guidelines. The rules dispatch is kind of hidden compared to all the legal stuff like government and laws, and I feel like the rules could be more expressly laid out in a way to make sure everyone on the RMB understands them. I also take a stance of not engaging with trolls, which is something I think we as a whole could do better about after seeing the recent Frenchland incident.

Why are we hear: I will go through as much as I can to help the people, and the government of Europe, exceptions are if I have very important priorities, for example, health or family, things like that come first.

Northen Czech: Great
Can i continue with the second question Eco-Paris Reformation?

Eco-Paris Reformation: Yessir.

Northen Czech: Talking about the trolls now lets go with the second question, What are you planning to do against trolls, troublemakers from causing disorder in the European RMB?

NorthPortugal: Well, our post can't do much, since we are only allow to make polls. But, I would keep my eyes on suspicious activities and then tell them to my boss, Eco-Paris Reformation, or to any other member of the cabinet

Qroma: Again I think it's important to just let the moderation team deal with the problem swiftly and to not engage in the troll's antics. I'll be on a lot more frequently so I'll be able to notify the proper people whenever I do see a troll.

Berlin and Hanover: I plan to work with the Moderation Committee to deal with trolls on a case to case basis. The public will usually use public-enquiry to report any possible infractions on the RMB to the government, which works fairly well.

Why are we hear: Definitely would report them to the higher powers, if possible, talking to them before I or anyone else, immediately jumps in and causes more issues.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you for your questions, Northen Czech. Thank you all for responding.

Why are we hear: No problem :blush:

Eco-Paris Reformation: Rary
Are you here?

Northen Czech: Great, i appreciate all of the candidates for their time and i appreciate Eco-Paris Reformation for letting me ask these questions, Thank you.

Rary: Yes I am

Eco-Paris Reformation: You may ask your question, Rary.

Rary: Thank you Eco
Given the recent situation with Frenchland, how and what would you do if a similar situation arose?

NorthPortugal: Well, like I said, we can't do much, since we do not have the power to make laws or to suppress those type of post, so my answer will be the same I have Northen Czech

Berlin and Hanover: I think the Moderation Committee, particularly Poland-Lithuania and Eco-Paris Reformation, acted diligently to deal with the situation, and should be a model for how future situations of the same kind to be dealt with.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Interjecting, even though I am the host, the ModCom has some authority. Not the ability to directly ban anyone, but the ability to inform and help mobilize higher authorities.

Qroma: I think it's just important to keep an eye on puppet accounts and discuss them with the Moderation Committee privately. There were a lot of instances of people accusing nations of being puppets of Frenchland without much evidence, which is not beneficial to keeping out trolls, so I'd say the best thing to do is to just keep the RMB calm about the situation and let those who are supposed to handle it do their work.

Why are we hear: Well, considering our highest power is make polls, I would report them if they go to far and abuse our wonderful chat, as stated above by me.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you all for responding. Thank you, Rary, for the question.

Rary: Thank you all for giving such wonderful answers and thank you Eco-Paris Reformation for being a fantastic host

Eco-Paris Reformation: Alrighty, let's keep this party rolling.
The Arminia Journal, are you here?

The Arminia Journal: Yes

Eco-Paris Reformation: Wonderful, you may ask your questions now.

The Arminia Journal: A question for all of the candidates: Do you like how Europe is governed?

NorthPortugal: Yes, I do. I do not have a single complaint about it, since the job of IA has been great from these last two years that I'm apart of this great community, so yeah, I love it

Berlin and Hanover: Europe is governed effectively and efficiently by its current government, so yes, I do like how it is governed. It has prospered the community in a positive sense, and by running, I'd like to help with that.

Qroma: I really do. I think we have one of the best governments in Europe, which is why I've been so eager to return to politics here.

Why are we hear: Yes, it is very much undercontrol and everyone has everything (as far as my knowledge goes) all perfect.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you all for responding.
You can ask your next question, The Arminia Journal.

The Arminia Journal: A question for all of the candidates: What is your favorite Pizza?

NorthPortugal: Margarita

Qroma: Ok hear me out: parmesan cream with chicken on top. It's like chicken alfredo on a pizza and it's the best thing ever.

Berlin and Hanover: Pepperoni if the pepperoni is good, otherwise, cheese.

Why are we hear: I have a few, cheese, stuff crust, and the most controversial. Pinapple.

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you all for responding.

The Arminia Journal: Thanks to everyone. Thank you Eco-Paris Reformation for hosting this debate!

Eco-Paris Reformation: This has been going on for over an hour now..
How are you all feeling?

NorthPortugal: Tired, as always

Qroma: Fantastic! I'm having a genuine time here actually.

Why are we hear: Good, other than I have a doctors appointment in 4 minutes.

Berlin and Hanover: I still have my government project to do- But, regardless, I've had a great time here debating with all of you!

Eco-Paris Reformation: Thank you everybody for taking part in the debate thus far. Now we'll go on to ending statements. I'll ask each of you to give your closing remarks separately. Thank you for waiting until your name is stated before responding.
Since you have to leave soon, please feel free to begin.

Why are we hear: Good luck guys! Have fun, and uhhhhh yea, overall stay safe!

Eco-Paris Reformation: Qroma, you may go now.

Qroma: This is has honeslty been pretty great. I was very excited going into this debate and it did not disappoint. I'm very excited for the election coming up as well, in which I bid everyone good luck. I'm sure any of us will make a fine future for Europe. Cheers!

Eco-Paris Reformation: NorthPortugal, sleepy boi. You may respond, bud.

NorthPortugal: Well, this was an interesting debate. The last time I participated in one I don't think it had reach this time of more than an hour. But it is time to say my goodbyes. Like Coimbra, I may or may not leave this post, it depends of the will of the people, but if I lose, I go with good memories has the Second Deputy Commissioner as I'm leaving my second city, the University of Coimbra. Cheers to everyone and good luck for Thursday, and thanks Eco-Paris Reformation for this excellent moderation!
Eco-Paris Reformation: Berlin and Hanover, finish this up for us, bud!

Berlin and Hanover: Alright, I'll make this quick then. Thanks for a great debate everyone! And thanks to Eco' for deciding to set up this debate after not having one for nearly a year. It's been a pleasure, make sure you vote on the 26th, and good luck to everyone else! Stay safe, have fun, and may the best win :smile:

Eco-Paris Reformation: I appreciate everyone's participation in this debate. Our debating night has come to an end. I congratulate the candidates once again for participating in the debate, and I thank you, the public, for reading it. Now, don't forget to vote, which begins on Thursday, May 26. Have a pleasant evening. The debate is over.

Eco-Paris Reformation

Berlin and Hanover
Why are we hear

Additional Questions:
Northen Czech
The Arminia Journal