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      From the Presidential Palace
      "True Friendship is a Shrine of Tolerance where Punches are a Means of Greeting."
      "When becoming close friends, formalities fade and, in its place, a more raw expression that close friendship can tolerate," said President Andri Rajulina to the semesterly People Conference audience at Randaminang in a speech to promote national cohesion and tolerance.

      Nation Pedia
      Nusapasim is an island-based sovereign state in Africa. Learn more about Nusapasim. Visit Nation Pedia for a comprehensive overview about Nusapasim in general.

      Top News in a Glance

      External Affairs
      29 May 2022

      President to Visit Agencourt
      Ministry of External Affairs

      29 May 2022

      Moving Forward to an Innovation Economy
      Ministry of Trade and Infrastructure

      External Affairs
      28 May 2022

      Stability Soon to Restore as Civil War in Agencourt Ends
      Ministry of External Affairs

      28 May 2022

      Government Reluctant to Award Queer Film Actors
      Celebrity Watch

      27 May 2022

      Nusapasim's Need for Workforce
      Ministry of Trade and Infrastructure

      Nusapasim is a unitary multiparty democratic republic. Its national ideology is Trisilanagara. Visit Government for more information about the government of Nusapasim.

FISCAL YEAR: 1 JULY 2021 31 JUNE 2022

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      Nusapasim's armed forces is called the National Military. Visit the website of the MoD (unavailable) for more information about the National Military, defence, and the role of the US in national defence.

      About | is the official government portal website.

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