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Federal Legislature of Agencourt, simplified.


The Agencourt Diet (properly and officially, the Unified Chambers of the Territories of the Federal Republic) is the federal legislature responsible for governing the Agencourt Archipelago and any colonial territories the state may hold. The general structure starts with the parliament itself, which is a tricameral legislature, each body having different powers and oversights. All legislatures are responsible for altering the constitution of the Federal Republic.

Federal Diet

This diet is a rough analog to a traditional upper house, in that it can send any law passed back down to the chamber that passed it for further debate, modification, and discussion. The Federal Diet, however, is exempted from finalizing the President.

They can pass laws on their own, however their purview is traditionally limited to foreign affairs, which is why their leader, the Minister of the Federal Diet, is traditionally elected Speaker of the General Chambers, the rarely called body of all the representatives from every chamber which votes on both constitutional reform and, symbolically, on declarations of war and peace.

The Chamber of Chairs

Despite the odd name, these chamber seats are generally the most respected a young politician can earn. The Chamber of Chairs holds the vote for everything trade and economy. If there's a law regulating fishing, this is the chamber that passes it. If there's a law regulating mining, this is the chamber that passes it.

It is is the third rung on the traditional course of power that dominates Agencourt. They elect the Council of Ministers, with the exception of the Secretary-Minister, who is usually also the President.

The Velvet Parliament

This isn't a euphemism for a historical event, this is just the name of the third body, the body that handles everything human rights and criminal. This is the chamber where the real power lies, which is why the factions of government base themselves here.

It's also the least cared about, perhaps deliberately.

The Council of Ministers

While not part of the legislature itself, it holds the power to bring legislation to a debate and vote in any of the three chambers, so it's worth a brief mention. The Council of Ministers is currently minimal due to the recent civil war.