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One Month Progress Report: 25 May 2022

Office of the Minister
One Month Progress Report: 25 May 2022

First off, thank you for taking the time to read this month’s progress report. It’s been a privilege to work with the other Ministers over the course of the past month in an effort to make improvements to our region, and it’s even better knowing that our executive government is now active and has diligent personnel to attend to the needs of the Bloc.

With that being said, I’m excited to share the Ministry’s activities with you all. So I won’t delay the report any further. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Since taking office, we’ve posted 14 voting threads, have issued 10 voting recommendations, and have created numerous resources for future volunteers to perform the duties that may soon be required of them in future terms.

These resources include an array of BBCode templates for the opening posts of voting threads, templates for voting recommendation dispatches, templates for RMB posts, a general use drafting document for recommendations to be written on, and a ministry-specific roster that’s regularly maintained. This is all done in the interest of giving WA Affairs a standardized and consistent look that’s clean, clear, and appealing.

We’ve also formed the WA Voting Squad on both the RMB and on Discord, and we’ve even been able to collaborate with the Ministry of Domestic Affairs on launching a campaign to get our World Assembly Delegate, Kethania, to 700 endorsements!

Those who are interested are now able to Linksign up to have their nation mentioned whenever a new voting thread is posted, and everyone is notified gameside whenever a new voting recommendation goes out. We've updated the region's world factbook entry to include our stances on resolutions as they're being voted upon, and the Civil Service now features a Linkvolunteer application that's specific to us and meets our needs.

In addition to the aforementioned happenings, a project is also in the works concerning a possible ideological approach of reference for us in the General Assembly. I expect that the fruits of this project and the work of volunteers and Ministry leadership on the project will be revealed at some point within the next month before I address you all again for our second progress report of the term.

Lastly, I wanted to remark on where we’re headed and what to reasonably expect from us in the second month of this term. As things stand, we regularly receive engagement from upwards of eight members on each voting topic. While this may not seem like a lot, it’s important to keep in mind that even the regions with the largest and most famed WA apparatuses typically only receive somewhere in the mid-teens for members engaging with voting topics.

What that means is that our community’s numbers are healthy. We can receive as high as fourteen votes on some proposals and as low as seven or eight on others. Regardless, as the Ministry grows and recruits more volunteers, this number is expected to increase. I would be happy with anywhere from fifteen to eighteen or even twenty, but alas, it’s a process. Thus far, we’ve been successful at cultivating a WA culture even if it's in its infancy and is currently being done on a comparatively smaller scale.

What you can expect is for us to maintain our current level of production and give you the same output, and you can also expect us to try and innovate where and when we can. Soon, you’ll see something new and techy that Micha and I have been working on. Hopefully, you’ll approve of the job that we’re doing here.

Until next time,

~ 104 Partisans

Second Minister & Minister of World Assembly Affairs

A BIG thank you to my Deputy Ministers Halsoni and Comrade Miravana for their help in leading WA Affairs forward!