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Vote AGAINST General Assembly Proposal "Crime Victims' Rights Act"

Official Voting Recommendation

Proposal Title: Crime Victims' Rights Act
Category: Civil Rights
Strength: Significant
Proposed By: Chipoli
Purpose: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Our Recommendation

The Ministry hereby recommends that all WA nations vote AGAINST the current General Assembly proposal at-vote.

Rationale & Analysis

Every so often, a proposal that was previously marked as being legal by the General Assembly Secretariat is challenged. This is one such proposal, and, despite the fact that our Ministry had originally issued a recommendation in favor of the resolution, we would now like to rescind that recommendation in light of new information thatís come to our attention.

Since going to vote, itís been found that the current General Assembly resolution at-vote is considered plagiarism of GA#247. Because of this, the proposal has now been deemed to be illegal by the General Assemblyís rules and would be discarded even if passed. For further details, please see this post.

As such, Ministry leadership has directed Kethania to vote AGAINST "Crime Victims' Rights Act" and we encourage all WA member nations within the Bloc to do the same.

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