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The Sky Haven Diurnalis Issue 6 - Long time coming

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[box][center][font=trebuchet ms][anchor=1][size=150][b]February Majordomo Elections[/b][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]
[size=90][i]Flag of the elected Majordomo (left) and the elected Magnadomo (right)[/i][/size][/center]

The February 2022 Majordomo/Magnadomo Election was opened on 21 February by Omukama SkyGreen ([nation]Brox Reple[/nation]). The running period was set to 7 days, with the vote planned for 28 February.

Upon the Election being opened, incumbent Majordomo Jamie ([nation]Fraelands[/nation]) and new candidate Istillian ([nation]Istillian Razedusk-Jormunr[/nation]) announced their joint ticket candidacy for the upcoming election as Majordomo and Magnadomo respectively.

On 26 February, Jamie and Istillian published their [url=]campaign platform[/url] for the upcoming election, entitled "A New Vision". In this platform, both candidates wrote a message to the voters explaining why they should be the next Majordomo/Magnadomo of Sky Haven. They also set out pledges if they won the election. These included the Spring cultural event, continued polls and endorsement incentives, further foreign relations, and multiple new legislation ideas.

There were no further declarations of standing and so Jamie-Istillian was the only candidate running in the elections.

Voting was opened for a period of 24 hours on 28 February, with results announced on 1 March by the Omukama. Turnout was five voters, a decrease by two from the previous Majordomo/Magnadomo election. Jamie/Istillian were declared winners by unanimous vote, and became the new Majordomo/Magnadomo with immediate effect. On 2 March they presented their three Minordomo nominees to the Lawgrove, which unanimously confirmed them on 6 March.

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[box][center][font=trebuchet ms][anchor=1][size=150][b]New Keeper Elected[/b][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]
[size=90][i]Flag of the elected Keeper[/i][/size][/center]

This April saw Sky Havenís first Keeper of the Grove Election in 11 months. The election was opened on 7 April; the same day, [nation]Hitsick[/nation] declared their intention to stand. During their announcement, they stated that they wished to "work on the region's order" with the hopes of "creating a better version of the wiki legislation". They also pledged to "work for better laws and make them as efficient as (they) can and also work on all orders in our systems".

On 11 April the incumbent Keeper, SkyGreen confirmed that they would not be running for another term as Keeper of the Grove, stating that they have "been keeper long enough" and "think it's better someone new tries it out".

There were no further declarations of standing and so Hitsick was the only candidate running in the elections.

Voting took place over 24 hours starting 14 April. The results were announced the next day by Omukama SkyGreen. The results were as follows: Hitsick 4 votes (57%), Re-Open Elections 3 votes (43%). Hitsick was declared the winner of the election and became the new Keeper of the Grove with immediate effect. There was an unprecedented number of votes for Re-Open Elections, with there not being a single vote for Re-Opening in Sky Haven's history until that point.

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[box][center][font=trebuchet ms][anchor=1][size=150][b]Majestic Magistrates[/b][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]


At the end of April, Sky Haven confirmed three Magistrates to a new term! Majordomo Jamie put forward UPC ([nation]Celestial UPC[/nation]) to return to the office; the Lawgrove swiftly confirmed them with all ten votes in favour. Omukama SkyGreen presented Siphlygon ([nation]Skylygon[/nation]) as their nominee to the Archonate, once again accepted with only one abstention and one non-voter. Finally, Janus Rotasu ([nation]Rotasu in Flight[/nation]) selected Jamie to fill the third Magistrate seat. The Magistracy is Sky Havenís judicial branch of government, serving terms of 120 days.

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[box][center][font=trebuchet ms][anchor=1][size=150][b]Kali Paladins Surf the Clouds[/b][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]


Sky Haven participated in the [region]Thaecia[/region]-organized Operation Jacobite which saw a joint force of the Thaempirial Army, [region]Europeia[/region]n Republican Navy, [region]Lone Wolves United[/region], [region]the West Pacific[/region] Armed Forces, and [region]Balder[/region] seize the delegacy of England. Following the initial capture, Sky Haven's Kali Paladins accepted the invitation to come support the rightful King [nation]Taun[/nation]. The combined invading force was able to reach 106 endorsements.

In addition to that, the Kali Paladins have also joined the Black Hawks on training tag raids as a way to further interregional relationships as well as train new Paladins for their celestial adventures.

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[box][center][font=trebuchet ms][anchor=1][size=150][b]Sky Haven Continues to Grow[/b][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]

On 27th March, Majordomo Jamie announced that Sky Haven had reached a new milestone: 200 nations in the region! "Although we have seen great growth recently under the current government, we wouldn't be able to get that without the hard work of all of the previous Majordomos/Magnadomos of Sky Haven as well as the Omukama and Octarchon (both original and current). So, on behalf of Sky Haven, I would also like to say a massive thanks to them for their hard work over the last year and a half!"

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[box][center][font=trebuchet ms][anchor=1][size=150][b]NationStates Great Exhibition 2022[/b][/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]

This May, Sky Haven participated in the NationStates Great Exhibition with a regional booth. We all enjoyed our time there and thank the organisers for inviting us!

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