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Language Stuff 1

Europeia - Europes very own AA batteries

Stefoland - Stephenhasland
Vatinland - Vaticanstate
Turkesbenizstan - Turkeyswithbeans + #stanistan
Prov - Proof of vampires
(Donít know why the thing that highlights it didnít work but oh well)
Atlas-Preussen Atlas was Prussian 🙄 mm k
(Yes you have to describe the emoji, or make the face yourself)
Spaghettitopia - Spaghetti if it were a town with operations
Ambaskow How about a mask for Nowt?
Of Weimar - Why man? Why?!
Crozo - Crowz
Nairatania No rain in Montana
Northeastern Italian - Mamma Mia me a pizza is a perfecta
Sincluda - In conclusion, I have a loud shin
Moryazvia - More zen elephants
Stonmichtolioth - Stand with Mitchel and his moth
Sealom - Sea foam
Ronavald Run from the avalanche
Agdat - Add That Gadget
Gamburg - Gamma Ray Bursts
Glorious Mikhail Gorbachev - Glorious Big Macs In The Name Of Gorbachev
Burge The Othan - Burn My Oval Shaped Thorn Please
The Militarist States of America - The United States of Texas & Florida
Vilarand - Villas Are Rad
Primorye Oblast - Primary Ores Are In My O Shaped Back
Greater Rubisland - Greater Rubikís Cube
Dracondra Dramatic Cobras
Decnotixa The Deck Is Knocked Out

Protectorates Of Decnotixa

Puzakistania - Put That Rack Back In Uzbekistan
Crozonia - Crows Own This Area
Gerranoa - Get A Nose Job
Thrani - Fans Of Eight Emus