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Soldiers from The League Defense Force and Grey Wardens meet up with Brotherhood of Malice troops in liberated Layem.

LAYEM - "This region's residents simply could not live up to the calling the claim to live by, and they have thus warranted reeducation from the people they condemned."

So read the words now etched at the top of the Confederacy of Layem's world factbook entry. These words bring to a close the largest operation of the year, whereupon the night of May 19th, 2022, the combined forces of Raiders and Defenders knocked down the walls of the universally hated region through a Security Council Liberation, and flooded into the region to seize it in the name of all that is good and holy.

The total number of updaters who made the jump was 108. This is just short of last year's total in Genua, and an absolutely stunning turnout on the part of Gameplay. The free regions of the world can now rest easy, for in the final defeat in Layem can be found our ultimate triumph against this community which has spread its vile ideology of intolerance across the site for far too long. This monumental accomplishment must be credited to the good faith cooperation between raider and defender organizations, who came together in a moment of unity to find a common enemy in the Layemites, who have proven an intolerable annoyance to just about everyone they encountered.

The operation to destroy this bastion of wickedness was preceded by the seizure of Concord, to which the Layemites had organized a last-minute exodus after the deletion of their founder. This transition was hilariously disrupted when Concord's founder was declared Delete-on-Sight, rendering the region completely open to the taking. Three days later, Security Council Resolution #398, "Liberate Confederacy of Layem" (authored by our very own Consul Quebecshire) was passed with one of the largest margins of support in World Assembly history. The culmination of our efforts was realized tonight, and the community will not soon forget this, as "the kids" are wont to say these days, massive W.

Find below a list of the heroic soldiers of The League Defense Force who participated in tonight's mission, and will be honoured for their efforts:

Consul Quebecshire
General New Makasta
Lieutenant Raziel
Sergeant Iandrul
Sergeant Paleocacher
Corporal Ajakanistan
Corporal Ikania
Private Quackarov
Reservist Fandom
Reservist Komsomolotis
Reservist Spode Humbled Minions

And find below a list of our partners in this operation, all of whom deserve immense credit for their efforts to make this happen:

The Black Hawks
The Gay Agenda
The Pacific
The East Pacific
The North Pacific
The South Pacific
The West Pacific
Mariner Trench
Lone Wolves United
The Order of the Grey Wardens
Caer Sidi
Sky Haven
The Communist Bloc
The Brotherhood of Malice
The Sasquatch Republic
+ many assorted mercenaries from abroad

The official comment on the operation from Consul Quebecshire reads thus:
"The Founder of Layem and those who chose who inhabit it knowing full well what it stood for are simply not worth the time and effort of writing anything more than "I won" regarding this raid."

Jubilant soldiers from the Communist Bloc raise the flag of victory over Layem.

First Minister of the Communist Bloc and spokesperson for the People's Revolutionary Air Force, Iota, gave this comment to the report:

Oh, that was extremely fun. It's always incredibly funny (and honestly pretty heartwarming) how 100+ people from the NS community, some who would never be caught dead on an op together otherwise, will come together during update and party to kick fash and bigots off the site. Seeing 80+ delegates vote to remove Layem's password in just a bit over 2 hours earlier this week was amazing, and this was the perfect follow-up. Every time I refreshed the liberation proposal page, it had gotten another few approvals, and every time I refresh the point's nation page, he has more endorsements. I can't wait to see how many total pilers we can get--maybe we can breach 300 and make this the largest raid in NS history? I know the Bloc is very enthusiastic about piling for this, to the point where some of our Reservist Pilots moved in to endorse the R/Os before I even issued the order! I had a lot of fun with everyone, it was a fantastic experience for PRAF, and I can't wait to see everyone again the next time some fascist gets their founder nation deat'd. GG, and well f***ing played.

A Grey Warden tank crew looks upon the destruction wrought in the heart of Layem.

At the time of this writing, all Grey Warden leaders available for comment were "too tired" to give any substantive comment. This report will be updated as the situation develops.

A Black Hawk bomber crew smiles for the camera.

Speaking for the Black Hawks, Co-Overseer of Talon Corps, Miravana, kept it short:

"It's always heartwarming to see gameplay's ability to come together to keep our community safe."

And our final comment of the evening comes from Valtarre, Vampire King of the Brotherhood of Malice, better known to Gameplay as Koth:

"Layem got what was coming to them. I can't picture a more fitting end for pests of their magnitude. Go out and celebrate, everyone, you earned it. May this be a lesson and a cautionary tale to bigots of their ilk. And make sure to read the first letter of each sentence."

While all Gameplayers will surely rejoice at this decisive victory, the fight to protect our community is far from over. The enemy has regrouped, for the time being in Nordic Lands, where, for now, they are safe. However, as the events of the past week have taught us, it would be no great surprise if their inability keep quiet ended up being their undoing sooner rather than later. Until such a time, we will remain vigilant against the forces of extremism and intolerance, and surely find it in us as Gameplayers to rally around the cause of liberty whenever and wherever it is under threat.

The Republic of The League extends its most heartfelt gratitude and respect for everyone who participated in the mission. We expect the occupation of Layem to go smoothly from here, and will provide further updates if or when they become necessary.

Ad Victoriam!