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Concord Wrap-Up

Good day of all peoples of NationStates,

The Leagues Defense Forces is happy to announce the conclusion of the operation in Concord. This was an amazing occupation to have coordinated and led on our part, and we hope all participants have found suitable enjoyment in their involvement.

In addition to their copious bigotry and antagonism, the community of the Confederacy of Layem has attempted countless acts of failed infiltration against The League and its predecessor. To so swiftly and brutally strike down their attempted fleeing and stand in Concord is a form of retribution nearly half a decade in the making. We have no doubt the battles of Concord and Layem will go down in our history with an equivalent or higher regional significance to that of the United Conservative Nations.

Concord has been secured permanently by the LDF, and we have decided amongst our officer corps that it will be branded as a tribute to the beautiful places it holds the namesake of in the real world, with a note about its story on NationStates and links to reports on its raid and all those who took part in this great battle. We believe the region is better served in this manner than by giving the bad actors who took it the satisfaction of it remaining exclusively a trophy of war.

We would once again like to thank all those who were involved, from the extensive piling efforts of our treaty allies and embassy partners to the enthusiastic contribution of various smaller groups and mercenaries. In particular, we would like to thank Neo polisophos, Icaris, and Andrew du for joining our pile. Even in their total retirement, their dedication to our community has never wavered.

Well see you in Layem.

    LDF Command,
    Consul Quebecshire
    General New Makasta
    Colonel DinoNet
    Lieutenant Raziel