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PRAF Report - The Raid on Concord

PRAF Report - The Raid on Concord

Target Assessment

As most readers will know, the Confederacy of Layem's founder was recently declared Delete-on-Sight. This left Layem, an infamously bigoted and problematic region, vulnerable to a raid. Recognizing that many regions would be seeking to raid them at the next update, the Layem members immediately passworded their region. When a liberation proposal was posted to nullify the password, they began an evacuation to Concord. Unfortunately for them, the DoS'd founder also owned the Concord founder account. The Concord founder account was deleted mere hours before update. Alongside many other militaries, PRAF quickly assembled a team of updaters to participate in a raid that very update.

Battle Summary

Commanding forces were initially concerned about procuring twenty or so updaters, enough to comfortably secure the delegacy from the eighteen-endorsements native delegate. However, in a comical twist, the native delegate left Concord shortly before it updated! They moved to The Communist Bloc, and were promptly banned by yours truly, New Astri.

The nation updated in The Rejected Realms, leaving Concord with only one endorsement on their new native delegate. Meanwhile, the combined forces of the participating militaries had gathered approximately forty updaters, far more than enough to seize the delegacy. Concord was quickly captured and conquered, and will forever remain a trophy of the NationStates community's dedicated anti-fascist efforts.

And coming up next on the chopping Bloc? The Confederacy of Layem itself. We'll see you at update, everyone...


Reservists Kingdom of Voidstania and Brevisia have been promoted to the rank of Hell Hawk.

Reservists United Norria, Red Nation State, The Charter Commonwealth, Sambir, Brezzia, and Socialist Republic of Mountairio have all been promoted to the rank of Bomber Eagle.

Reservist Liberza has been promoted to the rank of Fledgling Falcon.

(Note: Despite attempts to be thorough, I may occasionally miss mentioning a nation in the Statistics list. If you participated but were not mentioned, please telegram me, and I will correct it ASAP. We appreciate all of our brave pilots!)