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DefenderVision 2022: Announcement!

DefenderVision 2022

DefenderVision 2022 is shifting from its previous scheduling for convenient pairing with 2022 Defender Olympics all while maintaining its open invitation to all regardless of alignment. The intent behind DefenderVision remains the same as with the 2021 iteration:

    DefenderVision is born out of a desire to grow and continue popular "Vision" style events that have in the past included RaiderVision and the original concept of FRAVision made by the Founderless Regions Alliance. FRAVision was first hosted in 2012 and was originally created by Wopruthien, who has graciously given us permission to begin this new iteration of the event.

    Even though this style of event has taken place in many different forms throughout the last decade, the history and sentiment behind it are important and deliberately preserved in the logo for this year. The event was created to be open, fun, and competitive as it brought together players from across all of NS, and it is our hope as organizers to replicate this same experience for all who wish to participate.

Historically, FRAVision brought together regions across NS in a massive cultural exchange centered around regional forum usage that is incredibly difficult to replicate on NS today. We'll do our best to encourage this same exchange despite a change in platforms. DefenderVision will be hosted in this Gameplay forum thread and a DefenderVision discord area within Libcord.

Libcord will have a temporary exception for the duration of DefenderVision from its usual policy of removing raider-aligned users-–all are welcome for the duration of DefenderVision.

See you all there!

LinkLibcord's DefenderVision Venue (Discord)

What is DefenderVision?

As already mentioned, DefenderVision and its predecessors come from a concept based off of the real-life Eurovision Song Contest.

Participants can submit songs on behalf of their region made by individuals, in a group of individuals, or as a whole region to be judged in one large song contest. Winners will receive individual awards in addition to bragging rights/event notoriety. This event is independently hosted now for the 2nd time after previously being paired with The Liberty Gala festival hosted last October.

Regardless of whether music is your thing, you're sure to see some talented and typically hilarious entries over the next few weeks!

How do I submit?

The event will progress in three stages: submissions, judging, and then awards.


Submissions are open from May 25 - June 8 (2 Weeks)

You may only submit one song per person. There is no limit on how many songs can be submitted on a single region's behalf, but regions should remember that having votes in their favor split between several entries can hurt their odds of winning during the judging period. For this reason, players have the option to flag their entries as "non-competing" if they don't wish to compete with their regional submission.

You can submit any sort of song you like. It can be a cover you sing of a real song, you can write an original work, or it can be about...anything! Writing lyrics related to NS is another fun and popular option. It's your choice!

Also, you can sing, but you don't have to sing. Simply playing an instrument is a valid entry. Don't be afraid to get creative and take advantage of the artistic license!

If you do make an audio submission, the song must be hosted in whatever way we can listen it. Youtube or a reliable online mp3 host is recommended. If you're not sure how to do this, feel free to contact event coordinators for assistance. Text submissions can be posted in any readable format.

Not sure what to submit? Check out these past examples!

Last year's winner - Link"We Didn't Break The Server" by Ikania

"Grey Warden's Boogie", a Witch Doctor parody by Crushing Our Enemies Link
"Ursibae", a Nicki Minaj Superbass parody by Numero Capitan Link
"Because I Got High", a Afroman parody by Big Bad Badger Link
"Dear Mr Delegate", a lyric parody of Pink's Dear Mr President by McMasterdonia viewtopic.php?p=37323449#p37323449

How to Submit

Participants, please post the following form in either this thread or the DefenderVision discord channel to enter themselves into the contest:
[quote]Post Title: (Name of individual, group or region)'s Entry Name of Candidate: Inspiration/Description of entry: Entry: (link to video, song or posting of lyrics) Why should you win?! Do you want this song to be flagged as non-competing (e.g. will not be judged as a part of the competition) Choosing this is only advisable if your region has already submitted a song.[/quote]

All submissions will be posted on this thread if not already done so. Anyone who submits will also be allowed to vote in the judging period.


Judging will take place from June 9 to June 15 (6 days).

Once the submission phase is over, all contestants and the group of regional representatives will vote on their preferred songs in a designated discord voting channel for DefenderVision. Regional reps will be offered to any regions explicitly invited to the event, and regions may choose to forgo a rep if they so desire. These regional representatives may vote however they desire.

Judges will rate their top 5 songs in order of preference, awarding their favorite 12 points, 10 points, 8 points and so and so forth. There will also be a poll held in the event discord to select a crowd favorite for all the event attendees.

What about Awards?!

The results and awards ceremony will take place on June 16th

These are the awards given to the first, second, and third place ranked entries in the contest along with the public favorite:

  1. First Place Entry - Whole Note Award (Gold)

  2. Second Place Entry - Half Note Award (Silver)

  3. Third Place Entry - Quarter Note Award (Bronze)

  4. Winner of Public Poll - Crowd Favorite

I believe that covers everything! There's still plenty of time before submissions so start brainstorming for some lyrical genius and musical mastery––can't wait to see what this year's submissions!