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Sorollan Parties

Liberal Party

This party is a rising force in the government and many Imperial Politicians are turning to this party. Just like any empire Sorolla will have to be enlightened.
This party believes in Classic Liberalism which hatched the idea, partly inspired by the French Physiocrats and their concept of laissez-faire, that individual freedom and a free market would result in a balanced economical equilibrium - if monopolies were not allowed to develop and destroy competitiveness. He viewed free trade as a path to universal peace and prosperity. He also often strongly opposed landed aristocracy

Royal Party

The current party of Empire of Sorolla
This Ideology is slowly losing traction
This has almost always been the ruling
Party in the greater Sorollan Politics
They believe in Monarcho National Imperialism which is an ideology which
an authoritarian, culturally right, economically Monarchy rules. He has 3 main beliefs. The first is nationalism. He believes his country (Sorolla) is the best and deserves to rule over all other nations. The second is Imperialism. He believes that stronger nations should conquer weaker ones. The last is preservation of the Monarchy, as well as the spread of civilization. Although after conquering a place he gives the people there the same freedom as the others in Sorolla, and establishes free elections

Eco-Welfare Party

A small party in the Sorollan Politics the Eco-Welfare party is like the Libertarian Party in the US not big but some people follow it which believe in Eco Socialism which is an environmentalist, economically left-wing and otherwise varied ideology. They believes that the reduction of CO2 emissions and socialist-style economically are complementary as pollution is the result of mainly Capitalist commodity production

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