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Airplane Racing

In Kaonas we have a event called Airrunner In airrunner, Prop powered planes get to race each other from custom bi-planes to old military monoplanes which are disarmed for safety reasons, the goal is to fly around the islands of Kaonas and land back at the airport you started at, it can take from a few minutes to a few hours recent legislation allows the race to be televised as sometimes people can go missing, this still isn't the dumbest thing we have ever done, it has be concluded that jet planes are disqualified the winner of the event can win up to 100,000 chits as well as a airplane trophy based off the last winners plane, the event is only televised nationally and international racers have yet too appear

The race's checkpoints
Start: Kaonas International Airfield
(Small aircraft only)
Checkpoint 1: Morratorn airbase [Former army base]
(meduim aircraft)
Checkpoint 2: Legastat Runway
(small gravel runway)
End: Kaonas International airfield

this route was chosen as it intersects with no cities
People such as criminals, former terrorists, terrorists, are not allowed to fly, if you go too far off course a military kite T-1 will be ordered to follow the idea is if any cities are targeted the order can be given to shoot down the plane, though the chances of this happening are very slim