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Information for Voters: Commend Ellenburg

Commend Ellenburg
Information for Voters


The proposal seeks to recognize Ellenburg for its historical role in the region Autropolis, its more recent work in leadership positions of Conch Kingdom, and their extensive role in building the United Regions Alliance (URA) as its founder and in a variety of leadership positions.


On the whole, this proposal is a direct but carefully crafted region-building Commendation written for a relatively uncontroversial nominee. What this proposal lacks in barn burning controversy it makes up for in evidentiary detail and narrative cohesion. What sets this region-building Commendation apart from others of the same variety is the specific analysis of the author's accomplishments in various positions, including (where possible) quantitative results obtained from those contributions.

The first thematic chunk of this proposal focuses on the nominee's earliest contributions to the region of Autropolis. While Autropolis is now inactive, it was at one point a bustling role playing region with an intergalactic setting for its RP, and the resolution outlines Ellenburg's role as its WA Delegate and Head of Recruitment.

Secondly, the proposal turns to the nominee's contributions to Conch Kingdom which included a lengthy tenure as the region's World Assembly Delegate, Prime Minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs. In this section, the detail regarding specific positions comes out in great detail, outlining how their tenure as WA Delegate was instrumental to the region's WA involvement, how their leadership as Prime Minister helped the region overcome a rogue Delegate, and how their term as Minister of Foreign Affairs helped Conch Kingdom solidify its ties with defender regions The South Pacific and The Free Nations Region and a founderless region South Pacific.

Finally, the centerpiece of this resolution is the nominee's contributions to the United Regions Alliance (URA). In this context, it is important to understand that the URA is a multi-region political organization intended to allow smaller regions to pool resources for WA activity and debate, military protection, role playing, and other purposes, all in such a way to further each region's interests while they still retain their regional identity. Ellenburg is the founder of the URA and has served in many offices within the URA. In the "Further Acknowledging" clause, the author actually explains how the nominee's role as founder and primary administrator creates a work burden that the nominee continually sustains in addition to gesturing to the role itself.

Of these accomplishments, most notable is their tenure as Head of Recruitment, where the resolution quantitatively demonstrates the success of their recruiting efforts, bringing 40 regions into the URA. The resolution also highlights their efforts in building various programs of the URA, including the hosting of cultural events, designing the URA's WA recommendations system, and negotiating an agreement with The West Pacific.


Overall, Commend Ellenburg is a well-crafted and evidentiarily rich Commendation for a dedicated region-builder with significant accomplishments over time. Thus, the Security Council Correspondent to the Councillor of WA Affairs recommends a vote for Commend Ellenburg.