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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, 2021-05-03

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

3 May 2021 - April in Review - Vice Delegate's Update

Hello, everyone!

I contemplated making this into a closing statement, but there is over a week remaining in the term, so next week's update will be my final one this term. There's a lot of ground to cover, so let's get into it.

You probably noticed a new graph beneath the usual Security Council endorsements one. That graph shows the region's collective endorsements for the past week. My logic behind adding that one is so that people can see the region's endorsement trends over time instead of aggregate changes of the sort shown in the SC endorsement table. Graphs can also help with visualizing where we are as a region. I'll probably add a term-wide graph to my closing statement next week. If you didn't already know, you can actually access SC endorsement statistics yourself via the Vice Delegate reports Linkat the bottom of this directory.

Regarding what the charts actually mean, the SC is in a good place. Our WA numbers have somewhat declined due to NPA fluctuations, fall-off from a regional WA advertisement that I did a few weeks ago, and the beginning of the usual summer slump. However, our Keeper numbers continue to increase. Every Security Councilor is above or near 1000 endorsements. I've been using alerts to boost any SCers whose endorsement counts drop, and SCers have been staying on top of their endorsing in addition to sending personal endotarting TGs. Overall, we are in a good spot for the upcoming transition after the general election. Speaking of which, Linkgo look at the election! It's important!

WADP Awards, the Daily Lotteries, and Cards
The Linkmonthly WADP awards volume for April has been released! Congratulations to the winners! While I am pleased to report that daily lottery gifting has proceeded flawlessly by virtue of being automated, monthly WADP card gifting has not, as it currently requires a specific person to manually log into The Northern Light to gift every card. Fortunately, a long-term solution to enable easier card gifting is currently in the works, and handling the region's cards situation is incorporated into the platforms of both current Delegate candidates. In the meantime, the 3 daily lotteries are proceeding without a hitch, all winners are being advertised on the RMB and the forum, and all monthly WADP winners along with their respective card rewards are being recorded. All WADP award-related updates and announcements are posted Linkin this thread.

Endotarting Event
Yes, that thing! The event is ready for launch, and you can see what it involves by reading Linkthis testing dispatch. All of the links are functional; please inform us if anything looks off. The SC is currently discussing whether to launch this event sometime this week, or wait until after the election. Waiting is obviously the safer option, but given that the SC isn't elected and the event focuses on individual and collective endorsements rather than endorsing the delegate/vice delegate, there's technically no harm in releasing sooner.

We're up to 249 threads released in total, and will release more throughout the week. I'd like to thank the rest of the SC for making the declassification process so painless. We actually got through the entirety of the existing private SC archive, and needed to move more threads from the active private subforum to it. As always, you can follow the SC's declassification progress and learn more about how declassification is done Linkwith this thread and the declassification guide in the opening post.

Standing Nominations
In case you're unaware, Article 5 Clause 3 of the TNP Constitution renders all nominations made by the SC for applicants to join the SC indefinite until actively revoked by SC majority vote. What this means is that if a SCer leaves the council and re-applies, they will automatically bypass the SC and have their application go directly to the Regional Assembly for confirmation by majority vote. It's the SC's general consensus that indefinite standing nominations are outdated for the times we're in. The SC has Linkrevoked all standing nominations. Additionally, I have brought Linka bill before the Regional Assembly that would remove indefinite standing nominations completely. I highly encourage taking a look at it, as it would directly alter a longstanding portion of regional law. The thread contains reasoning for why indefinite standing nominations are unnecessary as a concept.

Handbook and Endotarting Guide
These have taken a bit of a backseat recently, but they're by no means forgotten. The SC handbook is obviously the priority out of the two, and I should have a workable draft in the SC chambers tomorrow. The advanced endotarting guide is partially completed. If we do end up delaying the endotarting event until after the election, I think that the guide would be best released a few days prior to launching the event, so that people (new WAs especially) have an easy way to boost their endotarting effectiveness.

WADP Sheet Improvements
Lower on the priority list is the WADP spreadsheet. If you didn't already know, the SC endorsement charts included with these updates are not done via the WADP google sheet, but using a localized Excel spreadsheet. I intend to:

  1. Incorporate the Excel sheet's features into the WADP sheet.

  2. Add freeform dispatch, TG, and (this is important) RMB functionality to the WADP sheet. All of this is doable with the current sheet, but requires additional user effort.

  3. Add unendorsement campaign functionality to the WADP sheet. This feature would target nations currently endorsing a target nation who meet certain parameters (e.g., Keepers, have over a certain number of endorsements, etc.). This would make the SC's rarely seen endorsement campaigns easier to deploy when necessary.

  4. Expand the existing WADP sheet documentation to make it more streamlined for new SCers and VDs to understand.

I won't get to this until the items preceding it are completed. I may not get to it this term. But I think that improving the WADP sheet is important to ensuring that the SC and VD can perform their duties as ably as possible.



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