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Imperial Prosperity Party Announcement (2/5/21)


Greetings Senators,

I am Richard Desmond, Senator for The Yeetusa and Chancellor of the Imperial Prosperity Party. I shall be running for President on the May 14th Election.

The Imperial Prosperity Party has a new cabinet, a new logo, and a new Secretary Chancellor. I will start with the cabinet.

Our cabinet is Jax Arcanic of Hellslayer as Treasurer, Maximus Powers of New England INC as Secretary, Antonios Giseppe of Feuraxia as Director, Samantha Starlenn of Complete and Utter Freedom as Vice President, and myself as President. The cabinet has been hard at work at formulating new ideas for motions and events.

The logo is part of a massive rebrand of the IPP. Antonios Giseppe designed with with feedback from the cabinet and party advisors. We also promoted Jax Arcanic to Vice Chancellor, and Samantha Starlenn to Secretary Chancellor.

I hope that in this upcoming election, you choose power and reliability. That is, the Imperial Prosperity Party.

Hail the Confederation!

Richard Desmond
Senator of the Yeetusa
Chancellor of the IPP