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Leaving NS

Yep, I am leaving NS entirely, can't believe I stayed a whole year here, but good things never last forever, I had so many things I wanted to do and I have accomplished some of them and my list is not completed.

From being in XKI to now being in VCE, I don't say it is that bad, I love the regions I stayed in and I had worked in them for some time, I was even about to enter the campaign to become a delegate in one region, which is fantastic, I evolved some times and my thoughts and feelings also changed over the course of the year in NS, I accomplished getting into the 50th of International Artworks in I think it was 5 or 4 months, I have Roleplayed for an entire year and I have finally reached my highest point in how in-depth my RP can be, of course, is not the best RP in the entire NS and of course, there are better RPs there in NS than me, but I think I reached my highest point and I think it is great.

A little bit of me is not going to hurt anyone, does it? In April I watched a video of Drew Durnil playing NS, at first I didn't know what it was but after playing it for the first time it felt incredible, how did I not get to know this website at all? It is fantastic, and I made a lot of friends on my way. I started in XKI being one of the best regions I had been in, I made a lot of friends there and RP there for 3 months until I left, why would I leave if I was settled there? I don't know, I don't even understand why my past self decided to just leave that region and now I even regret doing that and I also regret and hate the reason I decided to leave (Which I am not talking about). I lost my friends there, and it was hard to be in another region with people I don't know, the only one I got to know a little bit was Dom in BCK, and I still made some friends even, doing "UwU" stuff which I still like, and participated in multiple RPs until I left because I was mad at the RP at that time :P (Oh god the hypocrisy of my past self) and I ended up in VCE which was calm and very quiet at that time and then the founder said that the region is dead and so emigrated back to BCK and I was about to participate in an election campaign to become a delegate but the region died not long after the election of a new delegate and everything went downhill for me, not only in RL but in NS as well. I stationed myself in FWO where the RP was almost the same if not equal or better to XKI (A Taco Archipelago), but had a lot of problems with inactivity which in the long run even the most active ones like me left for another region because I was offered to become a RO and the region was coming back to life, and so I went back to VCE and stayed there to celebrate my 1st NS Year anniversary, with a lot of nostalgia because I remembered all of the good times I spent in every region I went into, missing my friends that I left in other regions (especially in XKI), and all of the RP plans I had for this nation but never came up to become a reality.

I thank all of the people that accompanied me in this journey in NS, I will keep this nation alive to keep its legacy but definitely not going to check the RMB and definitely not going to answer issues if not to fix some stats. The only thing I have left to say is goodbye, take care and don't forget to not be toxic :P

I know this was a big text but I am glad you read it all, peace ^w^