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Battle of Dealue, 703 LA

The death of Eliphus the great had stunted the growth of the empire for more than a year, but now Emperor Witaka has reformed the Rolessian grand army and aims to take Nangila in less than a year. At the battle of Tumunzar, the Nangilans lost 15,000 men, severely weakening them. Also, Sejka, the largest city between Tumunzar and Nangila, Revolted in favour of joining Roless, pushing the defenders to just the other side of the Dealue river, The walls of Nangila only hundreds of metres away.

The Nangilan force still numbered 41,000 men, and Trean reinforcements would arrive soon, but they were days away at best. The Rolessians numbered 90,000 men, and were under the command of the Emperor, who had already proved himself under the command of his father as a competent general. The Nangilan commanders had however attempted to make the best of the situation. They had positioned their army near the bank of the river, meaning that if they were driven back every last soldier would be forced to fight to the death. They also sent multiple envoys to the Rolessians, in an attempt to delay the battle. This was successful, and bought the Nangilans several days to fortify and wait for reinforcements, but none come.

The Rolessian cavalry charge. They smash into the nangilan lines, inflicting heavy casualties. The Rolessian army slowly advances toward the river. The walls of Nangila tower over them even here. They are close enough that the archers on the city begin firing. But a few arrows will not change the tide of the battle. The Rolessians Slaughter every last Nangilan on the battlefield. They catapult the disembodied heads of hundreds of soldiers into the city as they begin the siege, awaiting the arrival of the Trean army.