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State-capitalism to the Primary Stage of Socialism

(From a public Q and A forum held in the capital, headed by the Minister for Information, presidents of the largest unions, and representatives from the United Front)

Q: What is meant by the “primary stage” of socialism, and how is this transition taking place?

Minister of Info: Based on what Lenin said, but adapted to Yunqi conditions, this stage is one where all property is now collectively owned either through the state or cooperatives and public organizations, such as unions, mass organizations, and collectives. While supply and demand signals will still be used in planning, the logic of markets and capitalism are no longer necessary for the development of the productive forces to a higher level, and considering how much the capitalists have been demanding more and more for themselves, we feel this is a critical time for this transition.

As for how this is being done, all private business people are being offered the full value of their productive property after expropriation, but if they resist, they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Planning mechanisms, data collection and synthesis, incorporation of social factors into economic organization, and the full control of workers in the running and management of enterprises are all being implemented at the moment.