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Rues of Parliament

As of the 16th of April in the ripe year of 2021, The Rules Committee of Parliament has sought to regulate members' conduct and proper behavior in the floors of both Houses. Therefore after a multi-partisan effort, the Rules committee has been subject to extreme deliberation of the following ways of conduct. As-well in the purpose of Parliment.

Article I
Section I - Armoury, Weapons, Clothing.
The following instances of bearing arms above the caliber of 40mm are strictly forbidden*. Binging armor (medical in stile) is allowed, and a right extended to all citizens. Canons, Ballistics, Artillery pieces, AA/AT guns, Flamethrowers, Tanks, and Flowers are to be left in the front check-in as the damage to the floor is inexplicable. Cats are to be hanged at the back pedestal every Monday after a Mock Trial. All stiles of clothing are allowed aslong as it has no holes and continigous.
*Unless bearing a provisional license issued by the Prime Minister
Section II - Behaiviour.
All members of Parliment must attend all political debates in order to be eligible to vote. Moaning, Mooning, Vocaly expressing, and all forms of expression of agreement or disagreement are allowed. assassination and threghtening of official in Parlimentary soil is Stricktly forbidden. The use of drugs, enhansives, and any types of substances that may cause cognitive, physical, or emotional influence is allowed.