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Singularity Class Star Citadel

A series of concentric rings that gradually get smaller as they approach a central ball that holds the heart of the starbase. The center is never exposed to space directly, and all of the armored rings can be moved in to protect the core even if some of them are destroyed.

Each ring is bristling with energy weapons, torpedo launchers, railguns, proton beams, and hanger bays that launch starships.

The Singularity Class has dozens of wet-docks (simple docking latches in space) to resupply starships as large as a Dreadnaught or as small as a Patrol Boat.

It is always accompanied by a screening force of 38 Destroyers which remain actively engaged in combat, and a Drone Fleet that can core out asteroids for resources to repair and rebuild it's escort fleet. A Singularity Class can dispatch it's drones to an un-defended world and "collect" enough biomass to sustain itself, but it won't kill people, pets, or dangerous levels of local wildlife. The AI intelligently seeks out biomass where it will least be missed, stealing food from farms or even offering to pay money to large food supply companies. Besides biomass, they can also collect machine parts or artwork or any other thing, as long as they aren't shot down and destroyed.

The Singularity Class is controlled by a seperate AI for each ring, which each have free will. If a ring is destroyed, it's controlling AI retreats to the core where it will remain safe, so they're willing to destroy their rings to save the citadel.

Weight: 2,160,000 Tons (2.16 Million)
1728 Superheavy Railgun Batteries
1536 Launch Tubes for Torpedoes, Intelligent Mines, and Small Drones
432 Fighterbombers
576 Heavy Multispectral Beam Cannons (All types of EM waves)
576 Light Multispectral Beam Cannons (Point Defense for fighters/missiles/projectile weapons)
"PULSAR" Rapid Electromagnetic Pulse Generator, a system which detonates hundreds of shaped nuclear bombs per minute, using specially deployed reflective foils to reflect and focus their EMP pulses toward enemy fleets, severely crippling their communications and potentially overheating their ships dangerously.

2873 Bipeds (Humans, cyborgs, robot walkers ETC)
16 Self-Aware Artificial Entities
1 Self-Aware Evolved Synthetic Entity

Special Equipment:
Multiple High Energy FTL Scanner Arrays
24 AWACS Gunboats each armed with 1 Small duel-cannon railgun turret and 4 torpedo/missile tubes, designed to provide sensor and command support to the drone fleet.
Extensive medical wing
Research laboratories
Manufacturing facilities capable of building a large variety of items to sustain a long campaign
"Acquisitions" Drones
Deployable Marines and Special Forces
Heavy Jamming Equipment