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by The Federal Republic of Gongsi. . 4 reads.

Gongsi Declaration of War Against the Nation of Vorausen and Asim Tamzali's Regime (2021)

We, the People of the Federal Republic of Gongsi,

Affirming that the rights to life and liberty are unconditional to all people,

Noting that the actions of the Nation of Vorausen, as well as the actions of the illegitimate regime in Insaanistan set up by Asim, violate these basic human rights,

Concluding that the persecution and genocide of both Muslims and Christians gives cause to make the nation of Gongsi and its people an enemy,

Hereby declare war on both the Nation of Vorausen and the Asim regime in Insaanistan until peace and safety can be establish for all within the borders of these nations and until such a time that the rightful government of Insaanistan can be reestablished, that being either democracy or the temporary Sultanate.

Furthermore, The Federal Republic of Gongsi declares war on any nation who shall physically defend, aid, or in any other means assist Vorausen and the Asim regime. Peaceable relations with both Vorausen and the illegitimate Asim regime shall immediately cease, except in the case of negotiating peace.

We, the National Assembly, do ratify and submit this declaration of war for the good of Gongsi and its people.