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The Battle of Tumunzar, 702 LA

It is the spring of 702, and Eliphus the Great is marching the grand army of Roless towards Tumunzar. Though Three Aanderusan empires rose and fell, The Capital, Tumunzar, has always stood strong. Eliphus now challenges that. He brings new Technology to The gates of Tumunzar, and His 60,000 men have high morale after the Battle of Deccan, where they defeated the Aanderusan army. now, The roads are open to Tumunzar itself.

As Eliphus' men sleep, the ground shakes. scouts report a Nangilan army of 150,000 men. The siege has starved Tumunzar for 2 and a half months, and people are dying in the streets. This force will be the final attempt to relieve the city. Tunnels burrow deep under the city, and the rolessians work as fast as they can to make a final push into the city. When the Nangilans arrived, 40,000 rolessians are already in formation to meet them. General Pekatra commands the main body of the army, With General Aknte commanding the right flank and Eliphus himself on the left with the cavalry.

The Nangilan cavalry smash into the Rolessian lines, dealing minimal damage. The initial estimates of the Nangilan numbers were wildly overstated, and there were actually only around 50,000 Enemies. As the Rest of the Nangils charge, Eliphus orders his own cavalry to flank the Charging nangilans. This proves to be incredibly successful, killing or injuring up to 10,000 nangilans in a single strike and many more flee. By the time the Two armies meet, The rolessians outnumbered the Nangilans 3:1 and the battle is easily won by the rolessians.

Approximately 15,000 Nangils were killed, including King Efquapos III. However, 4,568 Rolessians also perished. Six days later, on Qonueka, Kyenturwurva, Tehurnireru, Tumunzar fell. However, Eliphus would not see it. He died 2 days after the battle from the injuries he sustained during it. General Pekatra took command of the army, and Eliphus’ son, Witaka, was crowned the first emperor of Roless 2 months later.