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Automobiles Act 2021

Status: Active

All vehicles owned for personal use on main roads are prohibited, with some exceptions:

The public may drive as they please on personal property, or if they receive permission from the proprietor of the land, or on major motorways and motor roads, there are clear signposts showing which roads average motorists can use.
Motorists may use electric vehicles at any point in time outside a populated area on a public road.
Mopeds and similar vehicles are permitted in the countryside.
Tractors and farming and fishing vehicles are permitted between farms or fisheries.
Emergency vehicles and military vehicles are permitted at all times on all roads.
Bicycles are permitted everywhere.
Motorists may use roads in emergencies or in exceptional circumstances, provided that in exceptional circumstances the motorists have been granted permission from their police station.
Public transport may use permitted roads, including taxis.

If you do not have a use for your vehicle anymore, it may be surrendered to your police station, and you can be paid an appropriate sum of Cartas.