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Harry Potter Books Act 2021

Status: Active

The government wishes to issue a statement of support for all of Correos’s teachers and librarians. The government wishes to make sure that all the children in Correos can enjoy all reading books, particularly the Harry Potter books which have been at the centre of this issue.

All children have the right to read books they enjoy, and all parents have the right to make sure their children, provided their children are under 16 years of age, are reading the books they prefer. If a parent, for whatever reason, does not wish their children to read Harry Potter, or any, books, the school they are being educated in must provide alternative books for reading, and cannot force a child to read a book their parents do not want them to read.

This is essential to withhold Correos’s policies of social freedom, as well to make sure writers, schools, booksellers and librarians can provide accurate books that are wanted by the people of Correos.