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Item: Death
Object Class: Keter
Secure Containment Procedures: Impossible
Description: physical manifestation of the ceasature of life, and reportedly guides an ectoplasmic remainder of the recently deceased to their designated afterlife. Any attempt to contain this entity fail when someone dies, including the current manifestation of Death, the maximum distance is not yet known, nor can be reliably established if it even exists.

Summoning Death:

Method 1:
Vocalising Latin names of Death followed by a certain designation of Death repeated three times, such designation changing with appearance, and being the name of that entity before an occurence of method 2,( see method 2 below ). until recently, this could be achieved via "Mersquafanatajita"
Current 'designation' unknown.
According to available data, all previous successful attempts of completing this method have resulted in the immediate death of all involved and within the vicinity.

Method 2:
Alternatively, murdering Death via a long distance or cause-&-effect chain will result in the subject "becoming" Death:
- the original subject's full name becomes the designation to reference in method 1 as detailed previously
- the original subject usually dies in this process, although in some cases Death chooses to keep them alive, resulting in symptoms of multiple personality disorder.
- the original subject's memories, physiology and functionality become fully owned by the entity known as Death.
- In some instances a subject has not noticed the incursion of Death who remained apparently dormant before killing the subject and taking over. When questioned about this data, Death has revealed that in some cases this is for curiosity of 'what mortals do secretly', and in others, for personal amusement.
- [Data Expunged]

Addendum A: Testing shows that if no human can be attributed to any attempted fatal injury to Death, it fails, showing Death is immortal, and uses the process of deceasing to merely 'change'.

Incident Death-A:

Current manifestation of Death was politely asked to attend a test with Dr. ███████ and D-44487

D-44487 was incarcerated due to the murder of █ women, █ men and ██ children.

D-44487 was Caucasian female, 168cm tall and 68kg.
Death currently appeared to be a Hispanic male, 177cm and 81kg.


Dr. ███████: Alright let's begin, how are both of you feeling right now?
Death did not reply.
D-44487: Uh, I'm okay, I guess. Who's this?
Dr. ███████: That information is beyond your security clearance.
Death appears sleepy.
Dr. ███████: Uh, sir, would you rather do this later?
Death: What? No, I'm fine.
Dr. ███████: Ok, D-44487, please murder this man.
D-44487: What? No. That's...
Dr. ███████: You've done it before, but this time you will not be condemned for it any more than you currently are, so please murder this man.
Death appears amused.
D-44487 picks up a knife on the bench, looks at Dr. ███████ hesitantly, then half-heartedly stabs Death. Death does not react.
Dr. ███████: Again.
D-44487 stabs Death, this time aggressively, and resulting the termination of Death. The body was incinerated.
Dr. ███████: Now, report anything unusual.
D-44487:Unusual? I swear if this is some sick joke relating to what I did, you're next.
Dr. ███████: Threats are unnecessary. Do you feel any different?
D-44487: Well, I was less hot-blooded than.... before... and... I swear he looked at me funny while I stabbed him the second time.
Dr. ███████: okay, I'm going to keep you in containment just to be sure.
D-44487: Wait, don't tell me I'm actually one of these freaks you guys keep here? Am I really D-class?


For a while, D-44487 was thought to be Death, just pulling a prank on both D-44487 and involved research personnel by not doing anything.

Death was later found as the female O5 personell who ordered the experiement, [REDACTED], was found accessing an unusual number of classified documents.
D-44487 was promptly terminated, and Death reprimanded, despite apparant giggling on Death's part when found.