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Unmaker Class Star Dreadnaught

"We are the burning sword of destruction that strikes down the wicked" - Motto of the Unmaker Class Star Dreadnaught KSS Burning Sword of Destruction

Our first superheavy starship. Unmaker rivals a small star colony, carrying a crew compliment of 800 despite it's extensive automated systems.

Unmaker is optimized for hunting starships that range from Destroyer to Battleship sized, engaging several targets at once on it's own. About 60% of the space onboard is dedicated exclusively to engines and antimatter generators for them, which means even though Unmaker is 867 Meters long and displaces up to 180,000 Tons, it is one of the fastest ships in the known galaxy.

It has armaments normally found on two large battleships, though it's armor is the same thickness to help reduce weight and speed up the ship further. It's meant to engage enemies from far away and maintain the distance where only it's massive weapons and fire superiority can affect the enemy while maintaining out of range of their retaliation. It will operate on it's own, perhaps cooperating with battlefleets but at a great distance, providing long range artillery support while remaining relatively safe. It is meant to kill most small enemy taskforces, and be fast enough to escape from anything it can't kill.

12x Triple Superheavy Railgun Battery Turret
128 Tube Vertical Launch System for antimatter torpedoes, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and smart mines.
48 Heavy Multi-spectral Beam Cannons (X-Ray, Laser, Gamma Radiation etc)
32 Light Multi-Spectral Beam Cannons for Point Defense against enemy fighters and missiles
8 Heavy Proton Cannons

Special Equipment:
Advanced Chaff, Flare, and Decoy launching system
Active Jamming
High Energy FTL Scanner Array
Stealth Shuttles for Special Operations
Blockade Runner Shuttles
36 Drone Starfighters
2 AWACS Gunboats each armed with 1 Small duel-cannon railgun turret and 4 torpedo/missile tubes, designed to provide sensor and command support to the drone fleet.