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Projekt zentralisieren and why it is so important

in 1951, East Austria was rather rural and undeveloped. Vienna, was the only major city and the only area in East Austria were the most business happened. Anton Dusl (1901-1978) minister of transportation, decided to urbanize East Austria by Projekt Zentralisieren. This plan was declared into 4 points:

1. Buildup and Upgrade of roads and highways
2. Mass Urbanization of Rural areas
3. Major factory, economic buildup of the rural region
4. Buildup of many houses/apartments.

5 years after the plan was executed and pronounced, the rural regions of East Austria had a major population and economic boom. The average growth rate went from 23.9% to 64.2%.
To this day, Projekt Zentralisieren has made East Austria into a centralized, urbanized, country and caused East Austria's development to be 1st in the world.