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Diplomacy Class Pocket Carrier

There has always been a division of our taskforces into two clear groups: Those which are large enough to enjoy fighter-carrier support, and those which are not.

To enjoy more flexibility, we've made a new small and fast carrier about the size of a Heavy Cruiser. It carries 36 standard combat starfighters, a small selection of anti-starship torpedoes, and additional logistic and command support infrastructure to serve small taskforces (more advanced medical facilities, machine shops, cargo space)

Unlike our Battlecarriers, the Diplomacy Class is NOT designed to survive close combat duels against enemy ships. All of the Diplomacy's space is dedicated to starfighters and fleet support services, with only light weapons and armor except for it's limited supply of torpedoes.

Diplomacy is small cheap and disposable enough to add to many existing taskforces which otherwise would have no starfighter support. It provides an extra torpedo launcher in long range standoff engagements, and it's fighters can intercept enemy torpedoes or fly into the path of oncoming projectile fire. (Assuming it is a drone fighter)