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Louisa Mathers' Reign of Terror Ends

BREAKING: Just an hour ago, official Dictator-for-Life Louisa Mathers unexpectedly resigned from her position as leader of this glorious nation. In this excerpt of her otherwise expletive laden statement, she said "Leave me the **** alone, I'm going on vacation to Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands. Oh, and you can take that stupid drawing of our flag too." Many citizens were elated with the news, and new leader Nicholas Mellor has decided to lead the country again, just 2 years after serving as temporary leader following previous Prime Minister Aidan Collier's conviction of bribery and conspiracy to commit murder. In their statement, they said "I am happy that once again I am in charge. If you wish to view the rest of this statement, please pay $4.99" We reached out to newly appointed Treasury Secretary Aeden Colier for a comment but he declined.