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Renowned Laurentheans - WIP

The Royal Family

King Charles IV

Born: 16 April 1955; La Couronne, Laurenthea
Title: King of the Laurentheans
Style: His Majesty
Reign: 15 April 2000 - Present

Queen Margarita

Born: 22 March 1956; Paris, France
Title: Queen of the Laurentheans
Style: Her Majesty
Spouse: Charles IV
Issue: Prince Louis, Princess Marie

Prince Louis

Born: 11 November 1981; La Couronne, Laurenthea
Title: Prince of Savoy
Style: His Royal Highness
Partner: Princess Victoria

Queen Charlotte, the Queen Mother

Born: 12 November 1924; Vienna, Austria
Died: 14 April 2021
Title: Queen-Dowager of Laurenthea
Spouse: Louis V
Issue: Charles IV, Princess Marina of Spain

Princess Victoria

Born: 18 February 1984; Zaragoza, Spain
Title: Princess of Savoy
Style: Her Royal Highness
Spouse: Prince Louis
Issue: Princess Caroline