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The people of Destyntine live a long time. Due to significant scientific advancement and advanced healthcare, the average life expectancy is an extremely high lifetime of 96 years.

Without bionic improvements, the typical human is expected to live 92 years, the highest rate in the world. The cure for cancer has allowed elderly citizens to live into their older years without the risk of tumors developing. Females live on average 94 years while males live 89 years. The most common cause of death in Destyntine is organ failure, which is inevitable for those with organic organs.

Bionics have allowed for humans to easily live past a hundred years, with the average life expectancy of those who have at least one bionic organ is 109 years. Males equipped with a bionic part live on average 106 years while females live 112. Although most people who have been recorded as deceased have been recorded with bionic organs dating back to the late 22nd century, so it is currently unknown how long the current generation will live on average. It is said by scientists and and doctors alike, that the current generation if equipped with modern bionics could live 150+ years. It has long been believed by the Destynic scientific community that immortality may just be possible.

The oldest known human in Destyntine is Raseri StÝven, aged 156. The only organic part that Raseri still maintains is his brain. He is fully physically functional, and completely conscious. Raseri is unable to feel any sort of pain, or experience any form of taste or smell. Raseri describes his current state of life as "strangely fascinating", and enjoys using his fame to teach those of what life was like back in the late 21st century.

Alien species living within Destyntine vary in lifespans.

- Krimonians on average live 152 years.
- Mandrians live on average 1273 years.
- Basonians live on average 106 years.
- Kelkki live on average 91 years.