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Civil rights activists riot in MKGNR

Whereas other countries have to deal with gay rights activists, the MKGNR has to deal with cannibal rights activists. There was no provision offically outlawing cannibalism in the Mikuite tradition or religion so laws against "two consenting individuals" in the act of cannibalism was never present. The reason for that was in cases of adversity and emergency in which starvation was a clear and present danger. Cannibalism is a taboo however but a small minority group around this practice have sprung up. In response the Centeral Committie of the Workers Party of the MKGNR have brought to court and issued a statment "according to the proclaimation of the constitution created shortly after the war of independance the proclamation under human society and customs regarding thereof that "bodily intergrety must be valued at all costs. The human has the moral obligation to keep all appendages and to grow them to the best of the humans ability. Selfish action such as mutilating or amputating limbs, genitalia, etc. for personal gratification or for any reason (apart from absolute medical emergency after exhausting all alternatives) is outlawed for the selfish and and individualist ideology it is." is the consitutional proclaimation that in turn resulted in the ruling that not only murder is illegal but any act resulting in the volentary or involuntary decision to conduct volentary or non-emergency (unnecessary) cannibalism results in violating the proclamation of the constitution and thus been outlawed on this day. May the safety and logevity of the Mikuite citizen be ever so strengthened by this ruling.
This was very controversial amoung the civil rights group and they decided to peacefully (or violently, depends on how you look at it) protest about this ruling. Health food advocates counter-protested this move and the police tried to keep them seperated but failed to do so and skimishes has arisen. At the end of the day the police managed to maintain law and order and everything proceeds in the mkgnr.

The stonewall riots are implied and similarities could be compared in issue number 690 "series of riots between local cannibals and health food advocates."

Miku the based