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President and Prime Minister Support Coronavirus Vaccine

The Havenian Herald
6 March 2021

by Nancy Shirley
Earlier this week, President Genevieve Fletcher and Prime Minister Carey Abbott received their first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech. Both individuals were filmed receiving the vaccine in a mostly empty room with only a medical professional present, as well as a small film crew. Each individual in the room wore a face covering, as per current coronavirus guidelines. After the vaccine was administered, President Fletcher addressed the public on the matter of the pandemic and receiving the vaccine.

"Firstly, I wish to applaud the efforts of the health industry, as well as our nation's other essential workers," the president began her speech. "In such unprecedented times, I truly appreciate and admire your diligence and service to the public. Thank you."

"As such, I made an effort to ensure those crucial workers received the vaccine prior to any member of Parliament. Due to their work environment and number of people they come into contact with on a daily basis, it was important to me that their protection be guaranteed first and foremost. This is why Prime Minister Abbott and I were only administered our first doses today. Contrary to skeptics, we do not oppose the vaccine; rather, I intend to clarify our full support of this necessary action."

Then, Fletcher explained that she allowed the televisation of the day's events to set an example for Havenian citizens. She noted the importance of achieving herd immunity, not only in the Republic of the Haven Land, but worldwide. The president continued to announce the government's intentions to make the vaccine free to all citizens, regardless of financial standing, with Parliament covering the cost. She reiterated the importance of getting the vaccine, especially for those at higher risk of ailing from the virus and those who come into close contact with those with such medical conditions. So as to not violate Havenian citizen's natural liberties, she declared a lack of intention to refusal to consent to coronavirus vaccination as punishable by the law.

Lastly, Fletcher discussed the current guidelines for navigating life in the midst of the virus. "As vaccination opportunities arise, I have observed many nations in which restrictions are loosening. However, I hope that many of you will continue to act cautiously. I have faith in the vaccine's capability, but even still, outcomes remain uncertain. Even after gaining full immunity, I wish for Havenian citizens to wear face coverings in public, as well as continue to take care when gathering. Smaller groups are encouraged. Perhaps I sound much like a parent and a broken record in saying this, but remember to wash your hands and apply hand sanitizer. In true Havenian spirit, be mindful of the wellbeing of others around you."