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GA Recommendation Archive: Vote FOR 'Repeal Voting Equality for Freed Inmates' | OWL


Repeal 'Voting Equality for Freed Inmates'

Background Information

Proposal title: Repeal 'Voting Equality for Freed Inmates'
Author: Tinhampton
Purpose: To repeal previous legislation, which blocks the WA from passing new legislation that would require member states to grant full suffrage to current and former prisoners, as it currently reserves the decision on this topic to the individual nations.


Vote .For.

The Office's Analysis

Although GAR#419's intentions were admirable in prohibiting the disenfranchisement of voters by their criminal history, included in that resolution were the means to disenfranchise citizens who remain imprisoned. The current repeal provided by Tinhampton is aimed at allowing future General Assembly law to extend guaranteed voting rights to the incarcerated. OWL voters have deemed that voting is a civil right that all citizens should have, and that a repeal is necessary for new legislation to this end.

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Anatasha is a Citizen of the South Pacific. They posted this on their OWL vote:

Anatasha wrote:While some criminals and those that have gone to prison might have done horrible acts, most of the criminals are generally not that bad. Just like what Cocao has said, many of these criminals will serve long times in prison so that they will turn into better person and turn into a new leaf instead. Therefore, I believe that they should have the right just like any other individuals to be able to vote in the democratic process.

Concrete Slab is a Local Council member of the South Pacific. He posted this on their OWL vote:

Concrete Slab wrote:Anyway, I agree that prisoners should have the right to vote, and Article 3 of the target resolution could prevent them from having this right. Thus, the delegation from Concrete Slab is pleased to cast a For vote.

From the World

Scalizagasti, also known as Chunga chunga chunga, is an Alliance Cabinet member of URA and Senator in Mariner Trench. He posted this on the on-site forum thread for this resolution:

Scalizagasti wrote:We are generally supportive of this resolution and the replacement as well. 'Tough on crime' narratives have negatively impacted civil liberties and caused widespread disenfranchisement.


From TSP Citizens

Doge Land is a legislator of the South Pacific.

Doge Land wrote:The quality of proposals has taken a huge drop lately. Yeah no, just because some crap proposal hit the voting floor in the SC (and got stomped accordingly) doesn't mean you can make some 2-liner repeal and expect it to pass. I need more than one reason, or maybe I'm just bored and want to see some proposal die on the voting floor

From the World

Thermodolia is the WA delegate of Zentari. He posted this on the on-site forum thread for this resolution:

Thermodolia wrote:Against. Those who are in prison have lost their right to vote among other rights due to the fact that they are in prison