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Ezerenian Space Colonies



Mlerks is the homeworld of the Ezerenians, and the capital of the Ezerenian Confederation. Its the only habitable planet in the Retks system. It's capital of Nultak is currently being protected by a giant seawall, as climate change has caused sea-levels to rise. Despite this, Mlerks is still a place that many people born in the intersolar colonies wants to visit one day, as its also a place of natural beauty... yet. Most of its resources comes from its moons, or from Retks' astero´d belt, because of the planet being nearly out of them.


Litza is the first and closest moon of Mlerks. It is home to 1 Billion colonists, who all live in city-sized moon-bases. Most people on Litza are miners, who are harvesting the moon's vast quantities of helium-3. The Litzans get most of their food from hydroponic farming, and most of their water from the large amount of ice on the moon. Litza is also the place where the first laser-station was made. These laser-stations fire lasers on the solar-sails of extra-solar vessels, allowing them to nearly reach lightspeed.


Erliv is the second moon of Mlerks, and is home to a second, much bigger, laser-station. Erliv has a much lower population that Litza, with just a few million living on it. The moon is mostly used as a scientific outpost, but also has a military listening post on it.


Earuna was the Ezerenian's first interplanetary colony. What started as a simple base grew until Earuna had a population that rivaled that of Mlerks in numbers. Because of Earuna's thin and unbreathable atmosphere, cities are build either under domes, or in the geology. Earuna is entirely self-suffic´ent from Mlerks, and gets its own food, from hydroponic farming, its own water from ice-harvesting, and its own oxygen, by converting the atmosphere's carbon-dioxide into dioxide. Earuna is run by a government independent from Mlerks called the "Earunian Independent Republic". The Republic got its independence after a short war with the Ezerenian Confederation, and both nations
are now in an interplanetary cold war with eachother.