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CCC Space Colonies


CCC Space Station

Behold! Our new space-station. Our space-stations allow you, yes you, for a comfortable life among the stars. It has everything that planets have. Thanks to our "patented" gravity-generators and advanced life-support systems, you won't even notice you're in space. There are a lot of good reasons why you should live there: the rent is slightly lower, the air is less polluted, and there is a lot of opportunity for employment. You can find a CCC Space Station in nearly every CCC-colonized system.

CCC Space Habitat

Our the space-stations too small for you? Do you desire something with more room? Then we've got you covered. Our CCC Space Habitats have all the room you need. The CCC Space Habitat has four platforms the size of an average CCC megacity, and artificial gravity provided by rotation. These space habitats are mostly found in the more developed systems, but can also be seen in some of the more recently colonized systems.