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A framework for democracy in the stars

As Thunnersheimian explorers settle new worlds and our society takes its place in endless star systems, we have an obligation to ensure good government and protect the rights of citizens even off world.

We propose the following statuses for a gradual attainment of self government.

Stage One


This stage is when colonies are in their foundation stage. These settlements will be governed off world, either by the Governor of the nearest stage 4 world, or in orbit by the senior officer. Protectorates will given as much support to establish themselves as possible and once the population hits 250,000 people they will granted stage 2 status.

Stage 2


This stage is where the Protectorate has seen consistent growth, the emergence of industries, farming and the ability to be self sufficient for at least 85% of its needs. At this stage, civil society must be encouraged and political education of the people can begin. The establishment of a surface government, political parties and a Constitution must be drafted before Stage 3 can be authorised.

Stage 3

Federal Territory

By now, the colony will have a stable local government, in multiple sites across the planet. Inter settlement trade and travel is also well established and the planet is now contributing to its own defence by raising its own troops and civil security services. A civil Governor is appointed by Council of Ministers in Ironsgaarde.

Stage 4

The colony will have a stable global administration, with fully functioning legal system, economic integration globally and active participation in intra system politics. Colonies of this grade would make use of advanced space travel and we would expect regular trade and travel between the planet and Thunnersheim. Planets at this stage would take the lead in system politics and defence and would act as the homeworld for the Thunnersheimian representatives. The planet will also have its democratically elected governor.